The the philosophical basis, scholars have developed a

The concept of integrity has not only been discussed in ethics literature but also in organizational practice, human resource management, psychology and leadership theory (Trevinyo Rodriguez, 2007).In organizational and human resources literature, integrity is often related to personal “honesty”, “coherence” and “personal commitment” for the principles” and “personal model code”, while ethically it relates to self-imposed moral principles, qualities and ethical autonomy.

Nonetheless, on the philosophical basis, scholars have developed a complex explanation of this concept, enhancing our understanding of individual integrity has developed far and wide. Finally, on point, integrity means transparency, ethics and maintaining the honesty of our individual actions (Trevinyo Rodriguez, 2007).Integrity involves someone’s recommendations; It involves commitment and action, not only psychological identities (Calhoun, 1995) Therefore, integrity exists when we work according to our beliefs, principles or values, not only when we support by words. Consequently, the action of personal integrity is required actions, not only identifications. As a result, it’s not something controlled by someone, but it does something like this, it involves a social communication process, mutual accommodation and synergistic problem solving (Trevinyo Rodriguez, 2007).Simply role integrity expects that exchange partners will accept and maintain a unique and complex role within the exchange relationship (Kaufman & Dant. 1992; MacNail, 1980)However, important insights can be obtained through the creation of these works.

The concept of “integrity” in them is not clear, undeveloped and confused because it uses the same terminology but in different meanings, perspectives and scopes (Trevinyo Rodriguez, 2007).When referring to “integrity”, most researchers pay attention to individual integrity; Despite, definitions of personal integrity are similar to organization’s Integrity (Macoco, 1988, Adler and Bird, 1988)Dealing with integrity is not only a personal matter, but rather there is also a social, then to become a center of study for sociology.Because, the concept of integrity is naturally surrounded by humans, and notably sociology has been a well-defined science that studies human social behavior, in particular the study of the origin, organization, institutions and the development of human society, it is easy to reflect this discipline as a fundamental basis as Personal-Behavioral characteristics of integrity. In this attitude of integrity, it emphasis the idea of integrity in the sense of being truthful self, which does not mean convergence with straight ethical standards (Trevinyo Rodriguez, 2007).


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