The writer uses two women to show the readers how people who
do not speak dominant languages like English, or Spanish struggle to survive in
this country. The main purpose for this article is to inform the audience and
to maybe trigger them to do something. There are those who still need help that
cannot help themselves. For example, the two women from the article are also
illiterate. Which is another problem that they have to face, is that they
cannot communicate with other people who do not speak their indigenous
language. In the article the writer shows how most of the indigenous people become
dependable on other people. They cannot go out by themselves because they have fear
and insecurities. Unless they know Spanish or English, they always take someone
with to go shopping for clothes, groceries, doctor appointments, and other. Kirk
Semple mentions another struggle that the immigrants go through is “to get others
to recognize that they are somehow different from the Latin Americans who speak
Spanish”. In Latin America the most dominant language is Spanish, but there are
other groups who do not speak the language. The writer is showing the audience the
struggles that the immigrants faces, and that readers can’t always assume that those
who come from Latin countries speak only Spanish, there could be people that speak
other languages that are not Spanish.

In an article, “Immigrants
Who Speak Indigenous Language Encounter Isolation”, by Kirk Semple explains
about the struggles of people who speak Indigenous languages go through. The writer
uses two women who speak an indigenous language to show how their struggles because
they do not speak Spanish or English. Most of those Indigenous people are illiterate
which will become a problem for them. Those who do not speak the dominant
languages like English, and Spanish will find it hard to survive in New York
City. This makes it hard for them to seek any help, go out on the streets, and
get a job.


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