The most prominent and celebrated name in
the telecommunication industry of Bangladesh is Grameenphone. Inspired by the
Grameen Bank micro-credit model, co-founder Iqbal Quadir was motivated to
provide universal mobile phone access to the general population of Bangladesh.

After raising money internationally and also working with Grameen bank in
Bangladesh, he was finally able to gain enough support to establish the
company. The outcome was a consortium between Grameen Telecom Corporation and Telenor,
the largest telecommunication company in Norway. Today, Grameenphone has become
the leading name in the telecommunication industry with the widest network
coverage across the country. It is the most famous multinational name, which is
known to the entire population of Bangladesh. In 1996, GP received it’s
cellular phone operation license from the Ministry of Posts and
Telecommunications. The operation started from 26th of March, 1997,
the Independence Day in Bangladesh.

has more than 55 million subscribers with the subscriber market share of almost
50% in the industry. Majority of the shares are owned by Telenor, and the rest
is owned by Grameen Telecom and public. The cellular network of Grameenphone
covers 99% of the country. And it was the first company in Bangladesh to
introduce GSM technology as well. On 16th November, 2006,
Grameenphone changed its logo officially to match Telenor’s logo. The Headquarter
of Grameenphone is called GP House which is located at 1/B Bashundhara Lane,
Dhaka. The outstanding office building represents fine contemporary
infrastructure. GP House is one of the most visually stunning infrastructures
in Bangladesh. The current CEO of GP is Michael Foley, a very knowledgeable,
dynamic yet humble man. He is very fun-loving and treats everyone equally. He
is always very respectful to other cultures and traditions as well. The Top
level management team consists of the most creative, wise and experienced men
and women who are working endlessly to achieve the goals of the company.

serves both rural and urban customers across Bangladesh, where mobile telephony
is a major driver of socioeconomic development. The company envisions providing
the power of digital communication, enabling everyone to improve their lives,
build societies and secure a better future for all. The company also has always
been a pioneer in introducing new products and services in the local telecom market.

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Now they have introduced digital market service where different apps are
operated in one digital basket. The apps are GP music, GP apps, Flexiplan,
Wowbox, GP online Store, Bioscope. These are customized according to the
customer demands and needs. So it is platform where GP has introduced new form
of market and subscriber would his or her daily activities in hand.

Grameenphone Ltd. built its network on a nationwide basis. As of December 2015,
Grameenphone network covered more than 99% of Bangladesh’s population and 90%
of the total land area, and the network infrastructure included more than
10,068 sites in operation around the country. Grameenphone Ltd. has so far
invested more than BDT 278 Billion to build the network infrastructure. It is
one of the largest taxpayers in the country, having contributed more than BDT
465 billion in direct and indirect taxes to the Government Exchequer over the


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