The Han dynasty was a very cognitive dynasty that had many inventions
and accomplishments that helped to ameliorate everyday living. It lasted from
206 BC across 220 AD, it was located in China and succeeded china’s previous rulers,
the Qin dynasty, it is considered the Chinese classical age , Chinese people
today still mentioned themselves as the children of the Han . Han height had a
larger population 57 million according to the census of 2 CE, it was equivalent
to Rome in power and prestige.

  The Han military was
very dynamic with massive robustness. Liu Bang conquered the forces of Qin
dynasty in 207 BC . Record of military strategies were covered in the tombs of
the emperors who made them while the hans conquered western Korea and northern
Vietnam , consequently tripling the empire they had assumed

The Han dynasty affected many of their neighboring countries
such as Korea , Vietnam . These countries and all of central Asia adjusted many
of their traditions , as their methods of writing .

The Silk Road was a series roads of interconnected trade
paths that enabled distance trade . it extended from Asia to the Pacific Ocean
, prolonging over 5000 miles on land and sea . This trade path was a great and
important aspect in the economic development of Hans . Traders travelled across
the Silk Road on camels to trade their merchandise like silk , ivory , gems and
spices were exported in exchange for western goods such as linen, wool , glass
. metal ware , wine and grapes .

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The main thing that advanced their culture is technological
inventions , Hans passed so many inventions such as papers , compass ,
seismograph , horse collar , block printing and the wheelbarrow . also hans
excelled in some of the intellectual achievements like medicine , mathematics
and cartography , they had greated achievements that hans had written down
their history .

Do you know whos was the hans greatest historian ? It was
Sima Qian . He was born on 145 BC through 90 BC , he was a great roman
historians and a rival of Thucydides and Livy . The Shi Ji was his greatest
piece of literature . Sima served under Emperor Wudi , this one appointed him
Palace attendant which made him in charge of the Imperial Library so he moved
with Wudi across China to different places of the country to aspect them . between
age 20 and 25 , Sima traveled across Ancient China to accumulate all the
informations and historical recods for Shi Ji .

The Shi Ji is a record account of Chinese history from
premature time through Sima Qian’s lifetime , he wrote about 130 volumes and
chapter from 109 to 91 BC . Records of the Grand Historian investigate all
things about biographies of kings and rulers to important persons , and it also
contains economics essays and chronologies .

Han Wudi lived from 156 trough 87 BC , and came into power
in 141 BC , in this time he was just 15 , he ruled until 87 BC , he is known
for restoring confucianism and expanding the Hans Empire under his reign , he
is often cited as one of the greatest rulers , they called him Wu .

The basis of Han culture and education was the confusianism
, it was  renovated to texts and cultured
traditions all over China , also conficuanism highlights personal and
governmental morality , correctness of personal relationships and sincerity .

Many poets of The Han era were female , unlike that of Rome
and Greece . Prose poem was the main form of poetry . Prose poem is personal
and faithful rather than laudatory and honoring individuals such as epics of
heroic journeys . During the Han era , poems were written on paper and it was
for the first time . the hans had an extensive collection of poetry and befor
poems were an oral tradition , but the invention of paper inspired this .

   The architecture of
the Hans was mainly cosmological , the foundations of buildings were usually
square , symbolizing earth or Kun . Roofs were round symbolizing heaven or Tian
. Unfortunately , it wasn’t an architecture from the Han dynasty because their
main material fro building was wood . Royal tombs give us some ideas of their
architecture , royal tombs were replicas of great Chinese palaces .



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