The Fifteenth Amendment granted black men to vote. Put emphasis on men because at this time women still couldn’t vote.This amendment would not be fully followed until almost a century. What the government did was that they made a literacy test so difficult that no slave could pass because they had no education. So no blacks could vote really for a long time. So to loop their loophole that made a rule called the Grandfather Clause. This made if your grandfather could vote you did not have to take the literacy test. So every white person’s grandfather could vote since they lived in england. So this rule did not apply to blacks since their grandfathers were black and could not vote. One of the main reasons that they made this rule is because the americans in the south where not that educated and could not pass the test. The government would also use poll taxes that most African americans could not afford. The main reason they did this is because they don’t want change and are racist and white supremacists .   The Fifteenth Amendment was announced on February 26,1869. It gave black people the ability to vote. Yet this not in full effect until about a hundred years after. The main reason for this was that the government would make rules and literacy tests that almost no one could pass. So the majority of the Africans americans were uneducated so they could not pass the test. The southern states also used violence to make blacks afraid to flex their rights to vote. So this shows the way people acted in the past. The blacks were discriminated even though it says that you should be able to vote no matter what your race or skin color. One way the government got over this was that they made literacy tests and if you did not pass you could not vote. Some of the politicians from the republican party  agreed that states should be able to make it where you must be literate to vote.  Yet they government did not include white people to take this test.  They would use rules to prevent white people from taking the test. One of the most famous rules the grandfather clause. At this time the Jim Crow Laws were in act. The Jim Crow Laws were laws that segregated white people and colored people.  They did this by making whites go to different schools than colored people. They also made it to where blacks had to go to different shops than whites. They said it was separate but equal. It was not the colored people would get bad quality in every area they were allowed. This is what the Jim Crow Laws were about they were supposed to make black people feel like second class citizens.  Like they would have to sit in the back of the bus. Many people fought against these laws including Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. These iconic people were considered leaders in the fight against racial segregation. As stated earlier the 15th amendment was supposed to be an amendment to where blacks got to vote. Yet they were prevented from stretching their right to vote. When they would try to vote they would be hit with obstacles like the grandfather clause and the literacy test.  But that is not all they would be hurt or abused every time they would try to vote. This is what the cause was why these iconic people became famous. They went through trials to fight for the rights of black people and to bring awareness to the fact that the Jim Crow laws were not equal and pried on black people. The main reason for all of this discrimination was because before all of the amendments slavery was a big thing in America. So when the amendment came out saying that slavery was not allowed in America many people were angered because slavery was the thing that ran their businesses. So when black people were getting all of these rights people would try and take them away in the sense that it was in the boundaries of the restrictions of the amendment. Which is a way in which people look down upon today. The 19th amendment is the amendment that grants women the right to vote. Before this time women did not have as many rights as men. They were expected to be busy with just housework not politics. This amendment is related to the 15th because during this time they were unable to vote even with the amendment in place. It took the people who fought for women’s rights 70 years till the amendment was passes. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were the founders of a woman rights group located in Seneca Falls. After the ability to vote was the main goal of women’s rights movements. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott as well as Susan B Anthony were key parts in this battle for women’s rights. In anti slavery movements and other rights movements women played a huge part.      


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