The link between PR and SEO

Is there a link between public
relations and search engine optimization? Well, if your answer is no, then you
need to go back to the drawing board and re-strategize. This means that you are
missing out on a lot of opportunities presented by creating a link between
public relations and search engine optimization. Below are some of the benefits
of creating a link between search engine optimization and public relations:


A long time ago, Google was more
interested in the quantity of backlinks in the content provided. As a result,
most website users took advantage of this and created fake backlinks or
low-quality links with the aim of improving their ranking. However, Google was
able to get around this, and they now prioritize quality over quantity. In
other words, one high-quality backlink is far much better than many low-quality
links. This is why a website that ranks top on Google will be more helpful to
the user due to the many backlinks that direct the reader to more information
on the same topic (Scott, 2014).

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Instead of adding some links to
your content and hoping to get a higher ranking, how about teaming up with
public relations professionals and making sure moves? Your public relations
team have access to authoritative websites. They will help you backlink to
other authoritative websites, and this is sure to improve your ranking on
Google and make your website more visible.

Keywords and other hot topics

By now we know that search engine
optimization is all about keywords. Search engines make use of some keywords
provided to find your websites. However, everyone knows this. So, how do you
make your websites stand out from the crowd using your keywords? This is where
the public relations team comes in. Search engine optimization helps you
identify the trending keywords and topics. All you have to do is provide this
information to your Public Relations team, and they will work hard to provide
you with stories that effectively utilize the keywords. If you direct your focus
towards creating content that is trending, you will most definitely increase
your click-through rate and obviously your Google rankings – and all you had to
do was share some information with your Public relations team (Scott, 2014).

Search Engine Optimization Analysis of public relations pieces

The best part about linking your
search engine optimization with public relations is that they both work
together to improve each other. This means that your public relations team
works hard to improve your search engine optimization ranking. On the other
end, search engine optimization can be used to review the content provided by
your public relations team and if the pieces do not rank very well in search
engines, then that acts as a note to your public relations team that they need
to improve the quality of the content they provide (Knauff, 2017). At the end
of the day, creating a link between the two ensures a continued improvement in
your performance on both sides (talk about killing two birds with the same stone!)

Promotion via Social Media

Social media provides a ready
audience for your website and ready market for your goods and services. Nobody
understands this more than your public relations team. By encouraging them to
create engaging content on social media, you are sure to generate traffic to
your websites. In fact, sometimes, all it takes is for them to post the link to
your content on social media platforms and you will be good to go (Knauff,

Once they create such trending
content, your search engine optimization team can come in and work with the
keywords featured on social media to ensure improved rankings.

Sharing media information

If there is a time when your search
engine optimization team and your public relations team are most likely to have
different views, then it is during the discussion about media companies. This
is because; both teams look at media companies from totally different points of
view. The search engine optimization team will look at a media company based on
their search rankings and performance in search engine optimization, while the
public relations team will consider how the media company will view your
products and services. However, it is important to understand that both of
these considerations are important for your website. If these two teams choose
to work together, they can create a better campaign for you as opposed to
working independently (Everhart, 2016).

Focus on common goals

As much as people would like to
look at public relations and search engine optimization as two independent
entities, but the truth is that these two teams need each other at times. The
common goal between them is that they are both important in marketing, and if
they work together towards achieving this goal, they are most likely to generate
amazing results. Therefore, if you keep encouraging your public relations team
and your search engine optimization team to create common goals and work
together towards achieving them, then the only way your rankings will go is up
(Everhart, 2016).

Public relations and search engine
optimization for your healthcare websites

These days, people turn to the
internet for self-diagnosis before they can decide whether to visit a health
professional or not. So how do you take advantage of this to generate traffic
to your website? If you run a website that is all about providing healthcare or
health advice, establish a link between your public relations team and search
engine optimization team. Focus on the trending topics and ensure that every
time potential users go online to search for health advice, your website is the
go-to. Let the two teams work together to ensure that you deliver information
that is always relevant and up-to-date.

Last words on the link between
Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization

With each passing day, the
difference between public relations and search engine optimization is becoming
more and more blurred. This is because people have realized the best way to
ensure that both teams work to their full potential is by letting them work
together as one team. With this in mind, what’s your excuse for low SEO






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