The use of shark nets has been a controversial subjectacross Australia for many years. Many parties disagree and protest againstthese nets.

In December 2016, 150 people crowded on Manly beach in Sydney toprotest against the use of shark nets (Hutchinson, 2016). The 80-year-oldprotection program was the topic of controversy as activists urged thegovernment to remove the nets in favour of using aerial surveillance and othertechnical advances instead of netting to protect swimmers (Hutchinson, 2016).In Western Australia, the argument continues as researchers and shark experts areattempting to discourage and are warning the public against the fitting ofshark nets (O’Brien, 2013).

The experts are claiming that they’re a waste ofmoney and give a false sense of security to the public when visiting the beach (O’Brian,2013). New tactics opposed to shark nets are starting to be carried out inSydney Harbour, by determining the seasonal movements of sharks using trackingdevices and educating the public with more signs and flags to give indicationof shark infested waters (O’Brien, 2013).