The started to boycott British products and laws.This

The American and French Revolution were two controversial events that changed history. There were many things that occurred during the American and French revolution that was similar and different. The French were fighting because of social inequality and the Americans were fighting for freedom and because of taxes placed on them from England. All of these factors led to the American and French revolution.The causes of the French Revolution was the third estate in France’s social system was angered because the first estate ,who was .5% of the population and owned 10% of the land, and the second estate, who was 1.5% of the population and was the richest, did not have to pay taxes. The third estate did have to pay taxes;meanwhile, King Louis XVI was having fun and not worrying about all of the starvation of peasants and city workers in the third estate.This angered the third estate even more so the King had no choice than to call the Estates-General ,were representatives of the estates came together and discussed their problems and voted,but there were so many third estate people there King Louis XVI locked them out,so they could not vote. The third estate then met in a tennis court room and made the tennis court oath were they said they would not stop meeting until they had a new constitution. The causes of the American Revolution was Great Britain was exporting more than they was importing. This angered the colonists, so they started to boycott British products and laws.This angered the British,so they put British forces in the Colonies and enforced more laws. The colonists started revolting against British forces like the Boston Massacre where colonists died because of the British forces, and the Boston Tea Party where they dumped tea into the sea.The Similarities of the French and American Revolution was both wanted a change from being ruled by a king, both had economic problems from war,and both had social inequality. Both occurred in the eighteenth century, both started ideas for constitutionalism and patriotism.The tactics of the French Revolution were they organized plethora of riots and revolts which would lead to the storming of the Bastille. On July 14th 1789 the third estate stormed the bastille, which was a place of torture and stored gunpowder, beheaded the caretaker and put it on a pole, and hosted it around town. By then King Louis XVI knew the third estate was not kidding around.The third estate would find King Louis XVI in his mansion with his wife and a bunch of women leading the riot would find him and capture him and his wife. The third estate would lead many more riots leading up to king Louis XVI trial where he would be sentenced to death by one vote,then he was beheaded by a guillotine. His head would be hoisted up so everybody could see it. Later on his wife would be sentenced to death and beheaded by the guillotine,this was the start of the reign of terror where anybody they suspected not being loyal to the revolution they arrested them and beheaded them.The tactics of the American Revolution were they organized some riots like the Boston Massacre,but they boycotted laws passed by England and they boycotted British products. They also had something called the Boston Tea Party where they dumped tea from a ship into the sea. This angered Britain so they brought in more forces. The Boston Massacre was when the colonists rioted and the British forces fired into the crowd killing 5 people. This angered the colonists and led to the American Revolution.The similarities of the tactics of the American and French Revolution were both wanted equality for all men to be created equal, both rioted and raided things like the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre and the Storming of the Bastille. Both killed people for different causes.Some famous documents of the American Revolution were the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. The Constitution was formed based on a democracy at first with the Articles Of Confederation which was where the leader had no power and the power was in the people. Then it was reformed to a democracy to have representatives from each state to write bills with the supreme power in the country the president. The Bill of Rights was formed with twelve amendments that based the country and more amendments would be added later on in history.Some famous documents in the French Revolution were The Declaration Of The Rights Of Man. The Declaration Of The Rights Of Man is a democratic system of government,respect for Human rights,freedom of speech,  and natural rights which are life, liberty, and property. Life means the right to live. Liberty means the right to do things that you please. Property allows you to own things your own things.The similarities of the documents of the American and French Revolution are both documents include the rights of man,both are founded on a democracy, both include the natural rights of man, both wanted freedom of power, speech, and religion. Both did not want to be ruled by a King otherwise known as a democracy.The impact and outcome of the French Revolution was it got a democracy, it established human rights, developed republics around the world,spread enlightenment ideas all around the world. It also made a fairer legal system for the French.The impact and outcome of the American Revolution was it parted away into its own country soon to be one of the most powerfulest in the world.It echoed across the world and sparked ideas and more Revolutions. Had the power to make its own constitution and rules and rights. The similarities of the impact and outcome of the American and French Revolution were both got a democracy, both sparked ideas for other revolutions, both made a new constitution, both got rights for all men, both did not have to respond to a king or an absolute monarchy.