The Shawl

*Dinner Table Scene* C- (Reading newspaper, cuts herself) What the *bleep* S- (Walks into room) Hey dad I have some homework that I need some help with, do you think that you can help me? C- I guess S- Okay well we are going over scientific notation, and significant figures C- Well (states the rules for sig fgs) Zeros may or may not be significant. They are significant when between nonzero digits, and when at the end of a number that includes a decimal point.

They are not significant when before the first nonzero digit, and when t the end of a number without a decimal point.Now for nonzero digits. All nonzero digits in a number are considered significant. For example 4. 013 has four sig figs. 900. 2 has four sig fgs. SA- Don’t listen to your father he knows nothing.

(She then explains scientific notation) S- I can’t even concentrate with that awful smell! C- That would be your mothers cooking.. Did you Just notice that? SA- Your one to talk you can’t even make cereal! C- Your mom cant make cereal SA- Ohhh you wanna talk about mamas huh? C- *Rolls eyes*anyways, heather do you get it?S- No not really C- Well that’s because you get your intelligence from your mom SA- But she’s adopted S- *goes to the corner and cries* *Dart Scene* C- y’all ready for a family game night? SA- I suppose it will help release tension, Heather you’re up for it C- It will help you with your precision and accuracy because you suck so bad (Explains precision and accuracy) *heather throws all three darts and misses* SA- Well you’re accurate at sucking but at least you’re precise


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