The Scream

I decided to use Google images to see a larger picture of ‘The Scream’ in colour so I could use the colours to inspire me. I felt that a picture in black and white doesn’t have the same affect on an individual- the coloured image gave me the idea of using blue and orange lighting in our performance. Subsequently, in our scene of the terrorist attack, I wanted to find ideas on what types of speech terrorists would use- to do this I watched a programme on the discovery channel called, ‘Seconds from Disaster’ in order to motivate me.

The Song of the Hebrew Slaves’ is a famous song about the slaves’ homeland- these people are haunted by memories of their past loved home and when I first listened to it, I thought it was very slow and the pitch was low, therefore showing it was quite sad and mournful. I thought that ‘The Scream’ portrayed isolation and fear however as the figure is alone, holding his hands to his head and his face is slightly pulled downwards- the figure seems pressured, strained and anxious.

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We used these observations for our performance, having written down on the recording sheets our initial ideas, we chose to base our performance on the theme of lack of control, because the figure in Edvard Munch’s painting appears to have lost control and the Hebrew slaves had no control over their desires of returning to their homeland. In addition, we thought that to make show our idea was abstract and different from any other group, we should think more deeply into ‘The Scream’ painting…

We noticed that the sea behind the figure resembled that of a hand, which gave us the idea of the figure being a doll and therefore controlled by a higher being. Our drama performance was set in modern day era and took place in a young child’s house. This is very different to the stimulus we were given- ‘The Scream’ was painted in 1893 and the scene is on a pier overlooking the sea and ‘The song of the Hebrew Slaves’ was created in the 1800’s and set at the banks of the River Euphrates in the ‘Nabucco’ opera.

Our performance addresses the idea of being haunted as the young child, who enjoys playing with her dolls, is haunted by her family problems as she has grown up with her father beating her mother- therefore she is mentally unstable. This links to the painting because the main figure is covering its ears, which the character of the young girl does in our performance when she hears her mother and father fighting. Subsequently, in the background there are two smaller figures of the painting, these could symbolize the mother and father.

Also, the young child, in our performance, is isolated as she has no friends- this is represented in the painting as the main figure is alone. In addition, the music displayed haunting memories and although these memories were happy and in our performance the memory of her feuding parents was a sad one, the similarity is that these obsessive memories are continuous and can not be stopped- uncontrollable. My piece of drama work shows the large amount of failing marriages in today’s society and represents the amount of suffering existing- terrorist attacks, domestic violence etc.

I feel the music does not show this however, because I would have imagined it would be faster and sound angrier. On the other hand, it does explain the helplessness and upset felt by many individuals, such as those enduring spouse beaters in my opinion. ‘The scream’ portrays the more aggressive and desperate side of emotions, such as the scene in our performance when ‘the man’ holds the woman’s hand in the frying pan and verbally abuses her.