The internet is a global is a global wide network that
connects computer system across the world. The internet has come about with
changing world of technology and the following is how the internet is changing
the world.

The world has become a global city because of the existence
of internet with the power of the web and smart phones. People can now connect
with each other anytime and from anywhere and this has built up friendships and

With internet today education can be done online from
anywhere and this has brought a revolution in education where we are able to
share knowledge from different kinds of people on so many topics. For example
one is able to apply and enroll online.

The internet has revolutionalised the concept of shopping
whereby you are able to do shopping online from different parts of the world
and different stores without moving to shops. That is to say one can order
something online and it is delivered to where ever he or she is. For example
Jumia Uganda which is an online store where you can order for whatever you like
and it is delivered to your doorstep.

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The internet acts like a guide for all information and tips
on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, personal grooming and lots more. There are so
many websites that provide professional and expert information on various
aspects of life.

The internet has eased travelling in a way that one can
recognize travel plans online. Here one can book hotels, tickets and travel packages
online. For example one can get to know about various travel packages that are
available from different parts of the world, those are frequently visited and
also with Google maps and directions.

The internet has enabled businesses to perform across the
globe in a way that people are using it as a great platform to promote their
goods and services for example OLX Uganda. Internet business is very easy and
convenient and helps you to earn good money within a short period of time.

The internet has made money transfers so easy in a way that
you can be able to transfer money from one account to another wherever you are
without having to stand in long bank queues. With this people are able to check
balances on their accounts, pay bills, in the easiest way possible. (Juan)

The internet has enabled in the diagnosis of illnesses
through sites like WebMD that assure people that they are sick. This is
possible with the internet where you can get information according to the
symptoms that a person may have. (Darth)

With the internet people no longer have to go for those
endless lines just to watch a movie since the internet provides online live
streaming. Thanks to the net, people can now watch movies, television wherever
they want and also listen to music endlessly.

With the internet communicating face to face has been
enabled in a way that video calling has been taken out of boardrooms and put in
the palm of our hands and on our home computers.

With the internet many people have been able to
get employed that is to say online jobs like typing, website surveys, blogging
and so many others. These have helped people to earn money for sustenance


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