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The book Princess Academy is about a 14 year old girl named Miri who lives on themountains called Mount Eskel it’s written by Shannon Hale and received the John newberymedal . This book revolves around linder , linder is a rock that is only located on Mount Eskel.Every body works in the quarry chopping linder and doing other types of work except for Miribecause she’s small and instead of being happy she doesn’t work she is sad because she’slonely all the time . Her mom had her before she was due and then died a week after Miri wasborn . All the people from mount Eskel think that the lowlanders(the people that live on theground) are greedy and they don’t trade fairly . One day the king sends someone to get the girlsfrom Mount Eskel ages 12-18 and send them to an academy from fall to spring so they learnhow to act like royalty so that a girl from that academy can marry his son the prince and becomeprincess. Some girls are really excited and some girls think that they are lying and that theyaren’t going to marry the prince. Their teacher ‘Tutor Olana’ is very mean and strict towards thegirls at the academy because she gives them palm lashings and lock them in a closet and alsowon’t let them go home to visit their family if they fail a test which is basically everyone exceptMiri and her enemy Katar. Miri really wants to learn how read books so she secretly steals themfrom the top shelf of the academy and reads them while the other girls are outside taking abreak. Then Katar figures out that she reads during break so she starts doing it too ,they arerivals throughout the story. After almost a year at the academy they take a test and Olana willonly let the girls who pass go with their family for spring trading. Miri and Katar the only oneswho pass but Miri has a plan she uses quarry speech . Quarry speech is when you tap a pieceof quarry to a beat to a quarry work song and think of a memory that you’ve shared with theperson you want to quarry speak to this is important to Miri because she is just now learning itbut everyone else knows it because they all work in the quarry. So she gives them the memoryof a game that includes running like a childhood game they have played that they’ve all playedwhen they were younger and run they all get the memory somehow and run out of the academyto their family and they throw a party because it’s the first time they’ve seen the girls since theyleft and it’s spring break. Then they go back to the academy and make a deal with Olana abouthow they want to be treated and how many times they get to visit back home and after the dealshe’s way nicer. Everyone passes the final test and the girl with the highest score is academyprincess and the two girls wear Miri and Katar so they vote for academy princess and everyonevoted for Miri. After waiting a little less than a year at the academy the prince comes to choosewho he is going to marry but right before he comes one of the girls ‘Britta’ gets sick she’s alowlander and her parents died so she lives on Mount Eskel with her cousins. At first Miri didn’tlike her because Peder which is her crush likes her but for a while all the girls from the academyhated her because she was the best in the class except Britta because she always smiled ather. After the prince meets all the girls he tells miri that she was his favorite that he met and somiri thinks she going to marry him which makes her confused because she doesn’t like him butshe wants to make her family proud of her but he ends up returning home and come back nextspring. After the Prince leaves that day bandits come and take hostage of all the girls in theacademy including olana and the chef . Everyone tries to escape but they can’t until someonetells him who the future bride is but there isn’t one . So Miri quarry speaks her friend pederbecause they were really close when in their childhood and she quarry speaks about a memor