The article, “The insight story of the Xbox One X”, written by James Temperton, published on “Wired” in 2017, is about the development of Microsoft since it’s new focus on industrial design and its significant launch of the Xbox One X.
Since Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in 2005, they had difficult years because they were always outperformed by their concurrence. Microsoft only succeeded with the Xbox but failed on other products. Due to that, the CEO, Satya Nadella, changed their strategy in 2014 and puts his focus on industrial design. During the same time, the Xbox was also going to be changed and due to Microsofts new focus on design, developers had much more opportunities to create a new Xbox. Microsoft revealed the Xbox One in 2013 but even though it was different to other consoles, it didn’t succeed and Microsoft’s vision to own the market failed. But with their launch of the Xbox One S and One X, they caught up. Whereas the One S was toped by Sony’s PS4 Pro in 2016, the new Xbox One X, stands out. Creating their new console, Microsoft focused on the one hand on small details to have an attractive visual and acoustic appearance. They optimised the brightness of the console’s front light and captured hand and body movements to produce perfectly fitting controllers. Additionally, they used silence rooms to measure sounds of their device to be able to make detailed improvements of it’s noises. On the other hand, Microsoft concentrated on technical improvements in the inside. They increased it’s processing power and made it possible to play games in 4K which is important for the gaming industry, technically and artistically. It provides the quality to see as small details on the gaming screen as on high end PCs. But to take advantage of that, it is necessary to have a 4K supporting TV. Furthermore, Microsoft develops the possibility of backwards compatibility which makes old games playable on new consoles. This development is new in the gaming industry, therefore they are still in the testing phase, but every game released for the Xbox One X or One S is playable on both. Due to these significant developments the Xbox One X is the basis of future gaming possibilities.


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