The poor parenting, strongly disagree on love seeking,

The Impact of Social Factor on teenage


Akella and Jordan (2015) studied the
impact of cultural and social factors on teenage pregnancy. Their study has
five themes. The first one is on the social and economic background. The second
is dealing with the cultural values and norms while the third theme is
pertaining to support and assistance. The fourth theme is about the life lesson
and the last theme is pertaining to interventions. In the theme 1, it shows
that most of the respondents are living with a single household; it’s either
with their mother, father or grandparents whereas most of the parents of the
girls are belonged to lower income strata of the community. On the second theme
which about cultural values and norms shows that some of the research
respondents had been exposed to early motherhood through their mothers.
Majority of the respondents had more than one child however still they were
provided financial and family assistance to continue their education and lives;
it shows on the third theme (support and assistance). On the other hand, the fourth
theme shows that despite of the stress, trauma and regret during their
pregnancy it made them to be a matured individual some made their baby as
motivation to do better in school and have a better life and future while the
last theme shows that teenage pregnant/mothers would motivate themselves to
achieve their career goals and stop them from giving up and falling back into
the vicious cycle of generation poverty

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Gyan (2013) made a study that shows “the
causes of teenage pregnancy” and their academic performance before and after
pregnancy. Poor parenting, love seeking, poverty, peer pressure, media and
dropout are the factors that he used in his study to determine its effect
teenage pregnancy. On the study conducted, most of the respondents are strongly
agree on poor parenting, strongly disagree on love seeking, strongly agree on
poverty, agree on peer pressure, disagree on media and strongly agree on
dropout where poor parenting is the major cause of teenage pregnancy. On the
other hand, the academic performance of the respondents based on the data
gathered shows that most them are good at school however it decrease and made
their academic performance into below average after they got pregnant.
Furthermore, it shows that dropout is the main reason why the teenagers have
poor education and educational opportunities because they got pregnant after
being dropout or they got dropout for being pregnant. 

Nzama (2004) conducted a study on “the
effects of teenage pregnancy on the school life of adolescent girls” where it
divided into four parts or themes. The firs theme is dealing with roles of
family while the second theme is pertaining to physical effects of pregnancy.
The third is about the feelings that adolescent experiences while the last
theme is pertaining to the effects on school life. On the first theme, it shows
that most of the respondents don’t have or little support from their family and
sometimes don’t have any communication from them specially those respondents
whose come from a complete family or have a mother and father. However, it is
contrary to those teen pregnant who’s from a single parent received a support,
although disappointed but worried for their daughters’ welfare and it made them
to perform better in school after they give birth. It shows on the second them
that the health of the pregnant is at risk for being so young. Their physical
changes attract and have negative remarks from peers and people as well as on
their school life. On the third theme, it 
revealed the emotion or feeling when they discovered themselves for
being pregnant such as shocked, devastated, and angry with their self and to
the father of the baby. At school, they embarrassed and have fear on facing the
outside world sometimes rejected by their friends, can’t concentrate on class
and failed the test. In the last them, it shows that most of the respondents
are being disrupted at school to extent that they had to dropout which after
their entire life.

Hoga et al (2009) conducted a study
entitled “Teen pregnancy: values and reactions of family members”. On the
result of the study, it was describe into three categories: Family values and
guidelines provided, Finding out about pregnancy and the actions taken, and
Support provided. On the first category, it shows that Single parenting was
feared because it was against the prevalent moral principles with a negative
effect on the concept of family in their social group. On the second category,
it revealed that the news of being pregnant disseminated by some people in the
family or the people around them. It also shows that sometimes the news given
was different from the actual news which triggers the issue. Some are running
away from their home to hide the identity for being pregnant that made their
parents or family suspicious for their situation. Lastly, on the third category
pertaining to support provided shows that the family members all the needs of
their daughter such as financial support and moral support.