the parable of the rod00:09[Music]00:10monks I will teach

the parable of the rod00:09Music00:10monks I will teach you the parable of00:13the raft for getting across not for00:15retaining it is like a man who going on00:17a journey sees a great stretch of water00:19the near bank with dangers and fears the00:21father banks secure and without fears00:23but there is neither a boat for crossing00:26over nor a bridge across it occurs to00:28him that to cross over from the perils00:30of this bank to the security of the00:32farther bank he should fashion a raft00:33out of sticks and branches and depending00:36on the raft cross over to safety when he00:39has done this it occurs to him that the00:41raft has been very useful and he wonders00:43if he ought to take it with him on his00:44head or shoulders what do you think00:46monks that the man is doing what should00:48be done to the raft00:51what should that man do monks when he00:54has crossed over to the beyond he must00:56leave that raft and proceed on his00:58journey monks a man doing this would be01:00doing what should be done to the raft01:02in this way I have taught you Dharma01:04like the parable of the raft for getting01:06across not for retaining you monks by01:09understanding the powerbal of the raft01:11must not cling to right states of mind01:13and all the more to wrong states of mind01:16Music01:18think of the way the river was set up01:20the side that was right in front of the01:22man was dangerous and scary and the01:24other side is peaceful and calm now01:26think about the obstacles right in front01:27of us on our day to day lives you can01:29see the problem the harsh side of the01:31river01:31and you can see where you want to get01:33cue to calm other side the boat is what01:36the man manifested to cross the river01:38but once his problem was solved he no01:40longer needed it this story really shows01:42an incredible way of life the experience01:44lies in the getting across not in the01:46retaining remember the first story with01:48the children and their sandcastles well01:50that story showed how we get things for01:51ourselves and then hold on to them until01:53we die rarely ever giving things away01:55today’s parable shows us how it’s not01:57about holding on to our possessions but01:59just using what we need to get where we02:01need to go going with our flow when you02:04are done with something learn to be free02:05to give it up because it does not serve02:07you anymore there is no reason to hold02:09on to it but that does not mean that it02:10is useless there will always be others02:12that may find objects of value for a02:14time until they are also ready to move02:15on and leave it for another it’s an02:17endless cycle of giving namaste02:20see you next time02:25Music02:25Applause02:27Music02:35Applause02:39I can feel you watching me the Twilight02:42can’t quite see your faces but I hear02:46your minds search for answers valuating02:49my02:50using the same old tools to define your02:53lives I think I can change that


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