The first question that rises is, what are academic disciplines and interdisciplinarity. Interdisciplinarity has become a buzzword in scientific debates and it has been identified by many research funding organisations in Europe and the United States as the desirable direction towards which the social sciences should develop themselves, both in terms of teaching and research. The new interdisciplinarians sometimes point at the problem that academic work generally happens within narrow and possibly arbitrary or artificial disciplinary boundaries, which sometimes prevents academics seeing the close connections of different phenomena and of the different disciplines. A perfect example of this is general mathematics and mathematics used in the discipline of physics. It is also said that physics is the poem, but the language of the poem is mathematics. Hence the concept of knowledge comes into picture. Knowledge is the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. Therefore, this knowledge is very important for any discipline as this helps us reason. Do these interconnecting disciplines create any confusion. Unfortunately, this fact is true that uncertainty about what is happening, intended, or required can be caused, in, for example the mathematics generally and in physics. Continuing the example of mathematics and physics an instance of confusion caused is the divergence of a vector field is usually defined by the sum of the partial derivatives in the Cartesian frame which has little meaning. The physics definition is the local flux per unit volume which may be called the intrinsic definition. This thus concludes that a similar concept has two different meanings. This understanding therefore tells us that we have the ability to reason, which in turn enhances our interpretation. Reason is one of the ways of knowing which is the way in which we try to make sense of the world using logic, rationality, comparison, judgement, and experience. The collaboration of mathematics and physics is also a boon. These academic disciplines together are known as mathematical physics. An example of this is solutions of Schrödinger’s equation for quantum harmonic oscillators with their amplitudes. So, this was the overlap of natural sciences and mathematics as areas of knowledge. However, the interlink of natural science and ethics is another interdisciplinarity.The current researchers and scientists are looking for methods to increase the lifespan of an individual. This has become so much of a craze that we are now attempting to transplant animal organs in our bodies. Specifically, there is farm in Virginia where pigs are breed only and only for their organs. Multiple perspectives and arguments have raised due to the clash of natural science and ethics. The knowledge of these areas of knowledge teach us different concepts which thereby brings in the confusion. Natural sciences tell us that evolving is a must and new discoveries should help us. Whereas our ethics teaches us to respect all species and not take advantage of being the smartest living things. So, which should one follow? This also binds the effect of religion on this sensitive topic, which in turn enhances the use of emotion.


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