The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of the Louisiana district and other states owned by the French by the United States from France in 1803. The purchase revolutionized to the big power country that we know today. Ironically there was much controversy behind the purchase, some stating it was unconstitutional. This turned out being the largest purchase of land in history. The US gained around 827,000 square miles of land for $15 million dollars. All the land was west of the Mississippi river. The purchase of the 15 states increased the capacity of the United States. It also immensely enhanced the countries materials and provided a powerful motivation to expanding westward. The Louisiana Purchase was the purchase of 15 states which were Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Minnesota, Louisiana, New Orleans, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. The Louisiana Purchase was settled in 1803. The transaction was done between Thomas Jefferson, the current US president at the time and Napoleon Bonaparte. The USA benefited greatly from this purchase as it expanded their territory by a enormous amount. Another benefit was that it gave the US complete control over the state of Mississippi. This was known to help farmers transport products across the nation. With the expanded territory there was much more room for farms and other industrialized buildings to be added. More farms meant more food for the nation. They also got control over the port of New Orleans, meaning they could now control trading from that area now too. With all the new land available to the USA there was a ton more room agriculture production, transportation. In simple terms the economy boosted due to all the new jobs and resources that would result from this purchase. With all this new land the US started to become a power country, a force to be reckoned with. In 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition was started by Thomas Jefferson the current US president at the time, it’s aim was to learn about the are purchase and potentially identify a water route to the pacific ocean. (Justin Corfield, ‘Louisiana Purchase’, American Environmental Encyclopedia) The Louisiana Purchase was the first big step in Manifest Destiny and set the determination and drive to fully fulfill the destiny of continuing to expand westward. Despite all the positive benefits, there were some drawbacks. Many believed the Louisiana Purchase to be an unconstitutional mistake on the government’s part. People thought this because it was not in the constitution that the US could buy land from other nations. Another drawback was the tension that grew within Spain because of this purchase. Before France had ownership over this land it had originally belonged  to Spain after the seven years war in 1763. France then later went on to regain the land in 1800, under the rule that they would not sell the land to a third party under any circumstance. By purchasing the land from France the US was indirectly angering Spain. Many feared Spain would try to reclaim its original land by force. The purchase of the Louisiana territory also sparked the slave debate once again. Before the purchase there was a clear divide between and good political balance between proslavery and antislavery. Neither side had the upper hand to ever force their agenda, but now with the purchase that balance that remained even for quite some time was upset and turned upside down. This lead to the deathly civil war. In relation to the statement I believe that as this was the start of a deathly massacre on the native american nation. Many tribes of Natives were forced into a losing battle on their part with the US and got killed due to the expansion and manifest destiny the USA was so determined to accomplish. To tie this all together to the statement yes, many believed this was a benevolent movement as it was in a way because it came with many benefits for US citizens, but like the statement mentions it was in the bigger picture a deathly imperialism that was accomplished at the expense of others lives, the Native Americans.  


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