The of Charles John Huffam Dicknes, he is

age of victoria is an age where everything has changed that everyone was
forbidden to read, but now everyone can read and write. This age begins where
the queen of victoria is 18 years old. Precisely on 20 June 1837 and ended when
the victoria queen died on January 22, 1901. In this era began the rise of
peace, prosperity, and glory of britainas in the international arena. This age
is often referred to as the transitional era, where in this era many
transitions from the dark ages until now. Because at this time all can read and
write, it causes the number of literary works. Here I will take the example of
one of the authors of this age.

Dicknes has the full name of Charles John Huffam Dicknes, he is a romance
writer and novel from the reign of queen victoria. Charles Dicknes was born in
Landport, Portsmouth, and Hampshire, England on 7 February 1812, He was the
second son of John Dicknes and his mother Elizabeth Dicknes, but he died on 9
June 1870, aged 58 years. At the age of 5, his family moved Catham, Kent, but at
the age of 10 years his family moved back to 16 Bayham Street, Camden Town,
London. He was born into a family enough, but because he could not manage
finances so he could not continue his schooling. But in early 1827 Charles had
the opportunity to experience school at Wellington House Academy. His career
began in early 1833 by writing short stories and essays. But his work until now
still loved by the people. One example of his work is Christmas Carol.

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Carol is one of the novels written by Charles Dicknes in the days of Queen
Victoria. Christmas Carol tells someone who is rich but he is very miserly and
never cares about others. Once a Scrooge nephew named Fred visited his shop and
said “Merry Christmas” but instead he said that Fred was still poor
and unfit to be happy. Every Scrooge is invited to talk him always replied with
“Good Day” means he wants to end the conversation. When Christmas
Scrooge was visited by 2 beggars, but he did not respond to the beggar. Night
arrived, Scrooge was in his house suddenly there was someone who knocked on his
door, and it was his co-worker who had died 7 years ago. The next night she was
approached by three ghosts who told her past, present and future. Since then
Scrooge is not a miser and wants to be friends with anyone.

the time of victoria where one can read and write, so many literary works are
emerging in this day and age. So many authors express what he thinks by making
the stories. In the story of Christmas Carol tells about the life of someone
where a person is very rich but he is very miserly and cannot be friends with
anyone. This shows that the economy is improving at that time, but the social
status of this era still has a limit. In this novel we are also taught that at
the present time is the transitional era in which we must learn from the past
to become a brighter future. At the end of the novel, Scrooge begins to care
about the people and the environment, reflected in the queen of today’s
victoria queen is very concerned about the people and small children, so that
in this day and age children have started school.

this era is a lot of work produced because in this era people are able to read
and write. In the work of Charles Dicknes one of his novels entitled Christmas
Carol has in common with historical backgrounds in this era. In this era of
economics and education has been increasingly advanced, so that people have
thought about themselves. As told in the novel, there is someone who is very
rich but he is very miser and does not want to help others. At this time also
mentioned that this era is the transitional era, in this novel also told the
transition where he does not care to be concerned with everyone. So in this age
many tell exactly as in the days of victoria.