The settlement is located on one of the most crowded orbits in terms of space debry, so as a plan to protect our inhabitants we intend to create a Space Debris Managment Program for Collecting and Recilcyng (SDMPCR) and also build hiper velocity impact resistant shields on the surface of Syzygy’s modules.Figure 15: Space debris in Low Earth Orbit. Source: Hanslmeier, A., The Sun and Space Weather, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002, pg. 211.Space debry, also known as space junk, is represented by a collection of disabled pieces of satelites and used rocket stages deployed during all sorts of operations.The aproximative data of space debris show that over 100 milion objects smaller than 1cm, 600000 objects between 1-10 cm and 30000 objects larger than 10cm are orbiting Earth. The largest debris known to exist is the disabeled soviet sattelite Sputnik-1 with a diameter of 58 cm (it was earth’s first artificial sattelite). Also, Kosmos 1275 and 1484 are examples of sattelites that have been disabled and left to orbit the planet representing a harm for future space stations.In order to decongest the crowded LEO of space junk, our programme will consist in unmanned spaceships remotely controled from our control centers on Syzygy. The spaceships will carry a net with them made out of a very strong and flexible material that can suffer the strong impact of space debris. Once the capacity of the net is 70% used, the drone will reuturn to the settlement, dock on one of the 8 available docking ports (for drones) and unload its cargo which will be transported to N.6.S. ,and, C.6.S. levels where the weaker gravity favorizes cargo manuvering. The cargo will also be recycled there.    37  Once our colony will be fully developed (aproximately 50 years) we will increase the settlemet’s altitude above 2000 km with the help of rocket engines. The second stage of Project Syzygy will begin once the habitat arrives in MEO where the same program of decongesting the orbit will take place.3.5.1. Defensive Protection System (DPS)Whipple shields, more specific Mesh-Double Bumper shields, will be used to protect the structural integrity and the insulation of the settlement. This model had achieved the best performance among all the other whipple shields, this being the main reason why we chose to use it (it can withstand impacts even greater than 18 Km/s). The International Space Station also uses whipple protection to shield its astronauts from potentially harmful objects. The type of shield we chose to use on Syzygy consists of 4 layers of materials.? Mesh bumper (first layer): 0.2 cm of anodized aluminium plate? Bumper plate (second layer): 0.2 cm of Nextel plate? Fabric layer (third layer): 0.2 cm of Kevlar plate? Rear wall (fourth layer): 3 cm of Aerogel (the single known material to stop objects athiper velovity without vaporizing them)The whipple shield will cover the entire surface of Nova cylinder,Corona cylinder,water cylinders and the exposed segments of the central axis (25 m long each one). The paraleipipedes will be entirely protected by whipple shields only on 5 sides, the remaining one being covered with quarts glass to provide natural light for the cultures.3.5.1. Offensive Protection System (OPS)If our monitoring system determines the fact that a dangerous object is heading towards Syzygy, we will use solar-pumped lasers to change the object’s trajectory. These laser systems will be situated on the 4 sides of each paralelipipedes. We chose this location because it offers us a straight and stable surface. It is very important to detect any threat in advance so we can efficently prepare. Onboard Syzygy’s command centers ultra high frequency (UHF) and super high frequency (SHF) systems will be built:? UHF-offeres continuous tracking (frequencyes between 300MHz-3GHz) 38 ? SHF-offers tracking for smaller objects and precison data (frequencyes between 3GHz-30GHz)Syzygy will be connected to the U.S. Space Surveillance Network which monitors a vast area of space, and in case any object is detected our colony will pe notified and the offensive system will be prepared.


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