The needs and will be able to choose

The creation and promotion of online platforms
donations with a view to recruit donors of goods, services, materials and
monetary funds.

The main objective is to improve the quality of
the standard of living of persons institutionalized in state institutions with
social character, but also of the disadvantaged families in Romania through
online donations.

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The idea is an innovative solution, relatively
low cost, efficiency and duration for the major issues from the inside of the
disadvantaged families and the state institutions with social character. For
the sustainability of the platform, we create a mobile application that will
provide useful tips, as well as the domestic “ways of saving” or
“how to redecorezi house”. The application will give the user the
possibility to manage their family budget or your own business. For the user to
be able to use the application, it will have a section which will contain the
presentations of cases and functions of the donation both to the beneficiaries
of the project, as well as by the holder of the platform.

The idea is based on the creation of a donation
online platforms. All the donations in the form of the monies shall be
transferred directly into bank accounts opened on behalf of the beneficiaries,
and donations materials such as: books, scholastic materials, food, clothes,
furniture, etc., will arrive directly in their possession. This will have more
than one heading in the component.

Another advantage of this platform is the
creation of video presentation by which the donor will be able to make an
opinion on each beneficiary. Social cases will be presented by video up to 6
minutes. Videos will capture the real environment in which they live disfavored
persons and lacks materials which they have. Therefore, prospective donors will
be able to make a whole idea about their needs and will be able to choose the
beneficiary of grants.

The presence and implementation of the heading
“purple heart” store, which consists in creating an online store with
products handmade marketed dor charitable reasons. The profit obtained as a
result of the marketing of those products will be used for self-financing
platform. Through this online store will be marketed products handmade, such as
clamps, bracelets, and earrings, and clothes, reconditioned, to be carried out
by the pupils, students, pensioners or people with disabilities on a voluntary
basis, after which they will be rewarded receiving a diploma of voluntary