The moderate the declines. However, we have to

The declining birthrate and aging population have had a steady progression. The situation will be more complicated if there is a delay in solving the problem. There is no quick solution to increase the population and moderate the declines. However, we have to maintain the social vitality even in a state with a low population.              Frist of all, to stop the birth rate decline, Japan should revise the practice of long-term labor, enabling flexible working methods that allow people to work during child rearing or nursing care to continue working without quitting their jobs.

In addition, the company should arrange a system to support child rearing such as nursery school, and the burden of educational expenses. “Prime Minister Abe is also pursuing such a path, which has been called “women omics,” where companies are pressured and incentivized to hire more women and give more leadership positions to women” with the child-rearing facility. Similarly, there is also a movement to supplement the decreasing labor force by making the best use of the power of women and the elderly people. Also


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