The Metaphor

In the story “The Metaphor” By Budge Wilson, Miss Hancock can be described as overenthusiastic, eccentricity, liveliness and wacky. Miss Hancock is unmarried and a very beautiful women that is a wacky but a fun teacher. From the story when Miss Hancock hears Charlotte’s very descriptive and interesting metaphor about her mother and notice that she might have a problem with her mom. She asks Charlotte whether there is anything that she would like to talk about such as her mom which was very passionate and caring of her.

Also she is very imaginative and creative. An example from the story, when they learn about the metaphor she makes them wrote metaphors about their family members and things in classroom. She makes them wrote them all on the board. Miss Hancock is overenthusiastic and passionate about her work; she can turn the simplest things into a very interesting thing to learn about. An example would be when charlotte is talking to her mom at the dinner about how great Miss Hancock is and her mom said she is brassy and too enthusiastic.

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Also she claps emphasizes word. When Miss Hancock came to teach at the high school, she was filled with eccentricity and liveliness. Her enthusiasm into disappointment as the students makes fun of her. She felt upset by the way she was perceived by her student, so she was negatively impacted because of the way they saw her. At last unfortunately Miss Hancock gets hit by a bus and dies. As you can see Miss Hancock was a great teacher and should be remembered as such.