The market. In India people are realizing that

main aim of this project is to do equity research on automobile industry to
find out the opportunities of investment in this sector where in returns can be

Indian Economy being one of the fastest
developing economies in the world, companies in India ae also growing at a
faster rate as compared to their growth decade back. Many companies are
expanding their business globally with mergers and acquisitions.

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As the companies grows the shareholders
are benefited with good dividend and capital appreciation on investment in
equity shares of such companies. Number of companies listed in stock exchange
(BSE & NSE) has been increasing every year with new IPOs coming in the

In India people are realizing that
equity has potential to give highest return as compared to other investment
avenue, however people are not aware of how to do equity evaluation; they just
invest in shares based on the tips given by their brokers, friends or family.

Equity valuations begins with the
analysis of the sector in which you want to invest; if the sector looks
positive then analyse various companies in the sector. A company is analysed
fundamentally to check its performance and financial strength. Technical
analysis is done to decide the right price to buy the stock of the particular
company so that higher return can be generated.

report starts from the fundamental analysis where EIC (economy, industry, company)
analysis of different company is done. Economy of India and automobile industry
are analysed based on various factors and indicators.

stocks of the chosen sector were analysed through P/E and compared with the
industry ratio and later PEG ratio was calculated. The results were on the
positive side, analysis showed that it’s a good time to invest in this sector,
as the economy is at a growing stage and there is a political stability in the

During the internship one week of live
project was also done. The projects was to make a B-Plan.  A part from this we also did live trading on
Share khan’s application on NIFTY.











Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (BSLI) is a joint
venture between Aditya Birla Group, an Indian multinational corporation, and
Sun Life Financial Inc, a leading global insurance company. 

 With an experience of over 10 years, BSLI has
contributed significantly to the growth and development of the life insurance
industry in India and currently ranks amongst the top 7 private life insurance
companies in the country.

Known for its innovation and creating industry
benchmarks, BSLI has several firsts to its credit. It was the first Indian
Insurance Company to introduce “Free Look Period” and the same was
made mandatory by IRDA for all other life insurance companies. 

To establish credibility and further transparency,
BSLI also enjoys the prestige to be the originator of practice to disclose
portfolio on monthly basis. These category development initiatives have helped
BSLI be closer to its policy holder’s expectations.

BSLI ranks 5th in India
among the private life insurers in terms of annual premium equivalent, with a
market share of 7.1%* for FY17. During 2016-17, it recorded a gross premium
income of Rs. 5,724 Crore, registering a y-o-y growth of 3% and posted a net
profit of Rs. 123 Crore. Its assets under Management at Rs. 34, 523 Crore as on
FY 17. BSLI has a nation-wide distribution presence through 409 branches, 6
bank assurance partners, over 73,000 direct selling agents and more than 150
corporate agents and brokers. BSLI is meeting its growth capital and solvency
requirements through internal accruals and has not required any capital
infusion during past five years. The company offers a complete range of
protection solutions, children’s future solutions, wealth with protection
solutions, health and wellness solutions, retirement solutions and savings with