“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a story written by Edgar Allan Poe, in the year 1843. This author is very recognized for having a very particular choice of topics for his books, all of them are described as “creepy” or “strange”. In the other side, there is “The Grandfather and his little Grandson”, that is a short story too, written by a Russian author called Leo Tolstoy, and is very popular as a folk tale in the born country of the writer. “The Tell-Tale Heart” tells the story of a man that admits how nervous he is, even that he assure that he is not crazy, but he totally is . Everything starts when he tells the hate he has on an old man, specifically his “sick” eye, because he describes him as a good person that has never done anything to him, but, for some reason, he wants to kill him. The story is related in first person, and he tells all the things he do until he kills the old man, he even confessed that he murdered that person. “The Grandfather and his little Grandson” relates the story of a family conformed by a grandfather, the son, his wife, and the grandson. It start talking of how the grandfather is getting older and older and cannot do some things really well like for example, eating. He drops the food and for everyone it was very disgusting, so he was not allowed anymore to eat in the table. The grandson knowing about this, tells their parents that he is not going to treat him like that because he would not like to be treated in that way when he gets older, that made the parents reflect. This is a very short story, but it has a very big moral.  The stories told before are very different, but has some things in common. In Allan Poe’s story the man didn’t do anything wrong or bad to the murdered, he was killed very unfairly, he did not deserved it, in Tolstoy’s tale, they talk about how bad the family behave with the poor grandfather for a reason that he is not even conscious or guilty about and how the innocence of the youngest of the family could make the parents open their eyes. Both stories have an unfair victim, someone that does not do anything wrong but he ends losing, that is why this tales, even that their principal topic is completely different, one is about an insane killer who murdered a poor man, and the other one is about a family with no feelings and how they learned about a kid, have something in common and can teach us something, even if that was not the principal idea.


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