The Killer Angels

It is said that leadership is an interactive conversation that pulls people toward becoming comfortable with the language of personal responsibility and commitment [1]. In the novel of Michael Shaara’s “The Killer Angels” (1974) starts with the Battle of Gettysburg, the revolving turn of the American Civil war in southwestern Pennsylvania. The authors describe the battle with equal facts from the side of soldiers and the reason for what there are fighting for.

But, one character caught my attention will reading the novel by showing his different sense of responsibility, commitment and leadership to command his men, in the person of Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin. Before entering the world of battle he became a professor in a college firm. Being a college professor you should know first the capability of your students and their needs to become a competitive individual.

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This kind of approach and experience implemented by Longstreet in his men, he listens to their vision and needs for winning the battle. He approach with kindness the state of battle, but he assure the better future of battle in Gettyburg is in their hands. Longstreet know first the strength and weakness of his men but, he assure that if they are not amalgamation for this battle they will not achieve they covet. He clearly explains to them for what are the reasons why they are fight for.

Longstreet treated them with no power of position, but still he believes his men that they are fighting for their own Freedom not for fame or power. Longstreet insight gains a lot of esteem, inspiration and loyalty from his trouped men. I admire him for his kindness and different sense of leadership approach in his followers for winning the battle. So for me, the most standout commander showing his best Leadership is in the character played by Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin in the novel of Michael Shaara “The Killer Angels”.