“The business of business is business” . In my opinion, you have literally practiced what Milton Friedman preached. It has to be understood that Milton Friedman has not ruled out the Business Ethics completely. Sometimes being in small businesses, we do encounter an ethical dilemma. The ultimate business objectives of small businesses are always to make a profit or satisfy the shareholders.  As an education consultant in Unisearch Private Limited, you have not broken any laws and you have operated with the rule of the game. As an employee or general businessman will most importantly look forward to the economic and legal incentive not ethical sentiments. That is the preference. Mostly businesses embed code of ethics when they expand to multinational or when the business become public listed companies where the obligation to partake in social responsibilities will become important for image building and public relations.That being said about economic responsibilities, however, I have a question for you. Is it ethically correct to maximise the profit at the expense of basic human rights that is the freedom of choice and can it be justified? Business has a role in society, it is expected to build shareholder value and increase it over the long run. Business has also the responsibility to respect the rights of various stakeholders. In this case, the business that you have worked for has disregarded its responsibility towards the people and the communities in which it operates.  Transparency and integrity were lacking. The customers were not given information about the various universities that may offer a scholarship for students that excelled in their studies. This would have reduced the financial constraints that may have faced. The freedom of choice could be made them select the most suitable course at their preferred university.  They have been deprived of such information. Furthermore, the business has a policy of proving a fair deal. So, is this an ethical behavior? Being honest and transparent is an act that goes beyond the legal framework. It meets the expectations of different stakeholders. It may not give an instant result to the bottom line of the business but it will benefit it in long run. The customer would show some gratitude for the freedom of choices and eventually may refer the Unisearch to other customers. Positive word of mouth is the best marketing tool that could build its reputations and enhance the long run profitability. 


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