The primary eSports occasion held is
considered as a noteworthy event, which was an event held in 1981, for the
arcade game ‘Space Invaders’. Other games existed long before this, but the
events held were never large or prevalent. One of these events was the ‘Space
war’ competition held in 1972, the first eSports event ever held as it included
a prize. Nevertheless, the majority of people conclude that the Space Invaders
tournament is considered the first video game tournament ever staged, despite
the fact that they say it were to exist in 1980, not 1981.

The second milestone can be seen as the
Seattle-based tournament Games held in October 28, 1981. The National Video
Game Master Tournament and the Electronic Circus held in the US in 1983-84 were
significant breakthroughs, mainly because of its public promotion. Annual
tournaments were also created in the end of 1980s, where the American Video
Game Challenge were one of the biggest.

The next major milestone for the eSports
getting the competitions on television. The eSports continued existing in a
small scale until the start of 1990, mainly due lack of technology. In the
1990s some technology was introduced which made the multiplayer functionality
of eSports easier, which direct to an increase of tournaments and
players. The technology also made it possible to play over the internet, with
was one of the reason that led to the creation of two well-known game types used to
day: Real Time Strategy (RTS) and FPS (First Person Shooter) (Edwards, 2013). The
success of the Red Annihilation Tournament in 1997 created a chain-reaction
that made various companies construct yearly tournaments, where
QuakeCon is one of the first examples Nintendo, a well-known game distributer,
had their first tournament as well in the beginning of the 1990s, known with
the Nintendo World Championship, which attracted people from all around the
world. The number of events continued to grow slightly until 2000, which is
seen as one of the strongest peaking years within eSports.

The next milestone is seen to be The WCG
(World Cyber Games), who got involved within the field of eSports in the year
2000, creating events involving over 35 countries and having prize pools
consisting of up to $600,000 (Hope 2016). WCG showed a great
form of success, which led to the foundation of major eSports companies known
today as IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) and MLG (Major League Gaming). Furthermore, the
creation of the games of Doom in 1993, Warcraft in 1994, Quake in 1996, StarCraft in 1998 and
Counter-Strike in 1999 were stated as important milestones of the growth of eSports
in the beginning of 2000 century. It also marked the mid-2000s importance for
the history of eSports, as it includes the creation of the first eSports
communities known today.

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 Another milestone in the history of eSports is
the launch of live streaming, which appeared in 2007 by a website named, which today is known as The next milestone is finding a way into
television around the world. This is already quite popular in Korea, where
channels are showing eSports 24/7, but the eSport on television has yet not
reached Europe and North America in the same scale.


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