Hiring Process of IN-N-OUT The IN-N-OUT‘s human resources hiring department offers their new employee’s excellent benefits. The new employees will receive a minimum of $10. 00 per hour, paid vacations, free meals, flexible schedules to accommodate school and other activities, comprehensive training, and 401k plan. That is for part-time employment. For IN-N-OUT full- time employee’s, they would also receive a benefit package that comes along with medical, dental, vision, life, and travel insurance coverage.

IN-N-OUT goes through the process of hiring the right employees. This hiring process consists of a back ground check of the person applying for the job and a full job description of previous jobs. Hiring the right employee is a big reward for the company. IN-N-OUT feels,” that their employees are very important to them and they are always looking for trustworthy people (in-n-out. com/ employment)”. The code of conduct is important document designed to influence the behavior of the employee’s (Ladd, John 1991 The Quest For a Code of Professional Ethics).

IN- N-OUT management uses the code of conduct and has their employee’s sign the documentations when hired. IN-N-OUT’s management has their employees follow the code of conduct. Not following the code of conduct results in termination of employment. IN-N-OUT’s team is orient in the work environment. The team force has knowledge of the internal control. Internal control is very important to the company. The employee’s that have been with the company starting with hourly wage and have progressed to become a manager making a salary of $100,000. 0 a year has learned to improve themselves and the company. The management is very aware of fraud and protecting the organizations resources both physical and invisible (trade marks). IN-N-OUT is always making sure that the inventory of food is fresh and meets their qualifications of their customer’s needs. The process is easy to turn cash into inventory, the challenge is turning the inventory back into cash. IN-N-OUT continues to meet their expectations of customers needs. References: Ladd, John 1991 The Quest for a Code of Professional Ethics www. in-n-out. com/employment_restaurant. asp


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