The highly positive attitude. Around 78% are sure


The researcher tried to
understand what attitude the respondent had about shopping online. The measured
attitude was mainly derived through questions about the respondent’s prior
experiences. The question was, therefore, designed to let the respondent rate
their prior experience for shopping online. Overall the respondents had a good
prior experience and attitude with purchasing online More than 90% of the
respondents are either Satisfied (71.9%) or Very much satisfied (18.4%) about
their online shopping experience and only 1.3% respondents showed
dissatisfaction.8.4% respondents are neutral towards this. 66% of respondents
has said that they have not faced any serious problems during Online Shopping
.Only 34% has faced some problems during online shopping.. This question is
closely related to the following question which investigates the respondents’
future expectations of online purchasing.


expectations – Intention to purchase

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This question is a also
part of analyzing the respondents’ attitude towards online purchases. Future
expectations are highly dependent on         respondents’
prior experiences of online purchases. 
Regarding Future purchase also the respondents have a highly positive
attitude. Around 78% are sure about engaging in Online shopping in the next 3
months (Probably – 44.4% & Definitely – 33.8%). Only about 3% respondents
said No to online shopping in future. More than 90% respondents said that they
will recommend Online shopping to Non Shoppers, whereas 10% is not interested
in recommending Online shopping to non-shoppers.

Two open ended
questions were also added in the questionnaire regarding the problems faced on
online shopping and reason for not recommending Online shopping to
non-shoppers. Major problem faced by respondents shopping online is regarding the
return hurdles in case of receiving defective
products. The other problems are the product not matching the
description / photo mentioned in the site and delay in delivery. Very few
respondents only mentioned that they won’t recommend online shopping to others
and the major reason being the fear of online fraud.


6.2.4   Using
Internet for selling Online                                                                                          

The researcher has
taken an attempt to know the usage of internet as a medium to sell domestic
items online by Kerala Consumers. The results shows that only 24.4% has sold something
over internet, whereas 75.6% have not used this option. It seems that either
Kerala customers is not aware of this opportunity or else they have not used it
 .Among those who have sold online , OLX
is the most popular Site (75%) well ahead of others ,  followed by Quickr at just 11% and eBay 8%.


Key factors affecting online shopping

This section aims at
understanding what prompts the respondents to do online shopping / visit a
particular site. It also tries to understand how the respondents identify new


factors prompting to go for online shopping   
– Influencing Factors

It was noted that major
factor prompting the online shopper to shop online is price savings, followed
by Convenience and availability of variety of products / services. Time savings
came next and trust is the least influencing factor. The results are in
consistence with many studies on the influencing factor. Anders Hasslinger et
al. (2007)35 has suggested that Price, Trust and Convenience are the primary
influencing factors to go for online shopping.


           Factors that prompts to identify a
new website for shopping

The researcher intended
to study the factors that prompts online shoppers in Kerala to identify a new
website for shopping. It
was seen that Search Engine, Personal recommendation and Social media are
identified as the major factors that prompts to identify a new website for
online shopping, whereas Promotional , 
Blogs and SMS has comparatively less influence among shoppers to
identify a new website for shopping.

  Factors prompts you to shop the desired
product from a particular Website

The researcher also
studied about the factors that prompts kerala online shoppers to select a
particular website to shop a desired product. Key factors prompts to shop the
desired product from a particular Website are Better price, Better Customer
Support and Website reputation

         Influence of Reference Group on online

Efforts has been taken
to study about the Influence of three Reference Groups ie ,  Family, Friends and Online community on online
shopping. It is found that Friends are major Influencers followed by Family and
majority of the online shoppers in Kerala will consider their opinion and
experience. This can be explained by the fact that friends often are fellow
students / co- workers and exhibits same behavior and shares lot of information
at their work place. Their income can also be similar and mutual trust will be
higher. Online Community is also found to be an influencer, but its influence
in comparatively lesser that friends and family.

on cash saving strategies of internet shopping

The researcher tried to
study the awareness about cash saving options of internet shopping among
Internet Shoppers in Kerala.  It was
revealed that regarding the awareness on cash saving strategies, Kerala
respondents have a good awareness about Cash on Delivery (COD), followed by
Coupon Codes but awareness is less for Cashback Sites and E-wallets. The
studies shows the importance of Kerala Consumers to become more aware of cash
saving options. Even though, they are price conscious, they are not so aware
about many further cash saving option in online shopping.

Level of Satisfaction in Online Shopping (Post Purchase)

 The overall shopping experience of Kerala
online shoppers are satisfactory (64.7%) or highly Satisfactory (18.4%).Only
less than 2% respondents are dissatisfied. Respondents are happier with the
Product Delivery and concerned about the products matching with description.