The smoke aghh! People really need to stop smoking is getting anyonning. Why just stop smoking now! Here’s the reasons, i’m going to tell you 480,000 people die from tobacco in the usa,Most hurts your body.Tobacco is used alot! Over 480,000 people die from drugs the tobacco has a certain  chemical in a cigarette once you have smoke some of the cigarette you can have bad breathing.An single cigarette can have 7,000 chemicals in ONE.Most of the cigarette hits your lungs once you breath it in goes down your throat to your lung and then you can have black lung that no one once. According to the article ¨The surprising cost of a pack a day in all 50 states.¨ the pack of cigarettes are different in each state the most of cigarettes to high price is around 12.50$ but.The state of new york spends over in 20 years of cigarettes buying there’s over 90,000 dollars spend.The money of usa people get 200k from Cigarettes!! Both of the Americas spend over 80 billion dollars think about the money you have what would you give to homeless people or buy cigarettes? If I was you be good and nice person. Give homeless money and you can buy a lot of good stuff. To buy instead of cigarettes. Most people smoke because they see their friends do it or they copy people.40/40 people smoke is cause of stress relief.But most of the smoking kills you because of the chemicals and the tar goes throughout your body.The smoking can help you because what is in the cigarette.But one single cigarette can cause you cancer or stroke. New York$12.85$4,690$93,805  That is a lot of money over cigarettes most of that you could buy house,car  And plus that money is worth a lot now so what would you do waste money  On cigarettes.Some people call them drugattictics they just buy some much Of one tobacco product i mean “man.” how would well that’s what you call a drug attic And have too much cigarettes  can give bad things it’s like them being a bully back to you so most people back off on tobacco but there is very mest up people in the world so they ignore it and dont payattion to the rules. Well we all get that smoking can lean you to bad things in life like killing you cancer or stroke would you want to die the cost of death for you is very high.


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