The title To Kill a Mockingbird is very compelling to this novel because it characterizes the different structures and forms of “mockingbirds” during and throughout the novel. There are a few significant quotations about the book’s title that emerges in chapter 10. Atticus says, “Remember that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.” Scout decides to ask Miss. Maudie and she also agrees with Atticus. “Your father’s right,” she said. “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy . . . but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” Mockingbirds were supposed to bring happiness into everybody’s life. The idea of the “mockingbird” that Harper Lee uses in the novel is to show that good innocent people are destroyed by malevolence and evil. Lee shows uses this symbol to show racism throughout the whole book. Throughout this novel there are two characters that stand out who are examples of mockingbirds. Boo Radley is one of the main mockingbirds in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. In chapter 10, a mockingbird is simply described as a bird who does no harm but just sings their hearts out for others. Boo does not harm anybody or anything. In reality, Boo is a really sweet and warm man who wants to be friendly and nice. People in Maycomb started spreading fake rumors about Boo which affected his reputation badly. He’s innocent and all those stories and rumors were all made up. In his lifetime, he’s never done anything to hurt anyone. Instead he tried to help people whenever and as much as he could but he didn’t want to be seen or caught.He leaves Jem and Scout presents and even covers Scout in with a blanket during the fire. Boo even helped to protect the two children when Bob Ewell tried to murder them both. Just these three examples show how innocent Boo Radley really is. Throughout the story, Scout starts to realize that Boo is a good person and he should be appreciated and cherished like the mockingbirds. Another character who can be compared to a mockingbird is Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson is innocent of all the charges that were pressed against him. He was being discriminated by other people in town. Tom has done nothing wrong in fact all he does is help out his neighbors and is a very friendly man. The only reason he is on trial is because Bob Ewell came home and he accused Tom of raping Mayella. The white community thinks that a black person having any interactions with a white person is considered inappropriate behavior. Here we can see that Tom doesn’t do anything but help others and that’s exactly what the mockingbirds did. They did nothing but sing their hearts out for people to hear. Tom was only helping Mayella with some chores from the goodness of his heart. Everybody that was white all thought that Tom was guilty. Tom tried to escape but he was shot and killed. Mockingbirds are not supposed to be killed therefore a sin happened here. Tom Robinson and Boo Radley never intended to hurt anybody. They were both just trying to be helpful and give to their community. We can compare them both to mockingbirds because they were just providing beautiful music for those they were trying to help. They did no harm and had no intentions of hurting anyone therefore they just sung their hearts out. Boo is misjudged because of all the lies and wrong rumors. Tom Robinson is discriminated and still claimed guilty. Tom and Boo’s efforts just lead them both to death and disrespect. It is a sin to kill a mockingbird but Tom Robinson was killed. On the other hand, Boo’s life has been ruined by all the fake gossip and lies about him. Boo is truly a wonderful man who wants to interact with kids and other people in the town. It is a sin to not respect the mockingbirds. We can learn and figure out that none of this would of happened if there was no racism and discrimination. To Kill a Mockingbird teaches us that innocent people can be destroyed by evil people in this world. Both Boo and Tom both show us the significance of racism and disrespect. People in Maycomb aren’t thinking of the mockingbird analysis because if they did, Tom wouldn’t have been killed and Boo wouldn’t have been disrespected. Overall To Kill a Mockingbird means to show that good innocent people are destroyed by malevolence and evil.


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