The Graduation

The short story entitled “Graduation” Is written by Slonll Jose F. It was about a boy leaving his hometown after graduating from high school, to study for college. He narrates a story about a girl whom he fell in love with. He bld his goodbye to her, knowing that they will not be meeting for a long time because of the disparity between their future lives. The setting is in a province, in Rosales, Pangaslnan. And I think this story is an autobiographical one. For believe the one who narrates the story is the author tself, bout the hometown he left and a girl whom he left and fell in love with as well.

He started the story about how eager he was to graduate back when he was still in high school. When he finally graduated from high school and left for college, it bought him great sadness leaving his hometown and he came to a realization that he really fell in love with the girl he met in his province. The girl was Teresita, the daughter of one of his father’s tenants. In this story, Teresita appears to be a poor girl and the narrator is the rich one. Because, the narrator tells how she rejected the gifts he bought for her (such as the silk cloth).

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And the time when he was about to leave, she requested him not to write letters to her because she cant attord postal stamps. In the end, he left his hometown and Tereslta and her family move to another place due to their land was sold. They did not end up with each other, as I menuoned earlier probably because of the disparity between their future lives. Tereslta belongs to a poor family, therefore she cant continue for college. And the one who narrates the story Is the ich one, so he Is expected to have a bright future.

Their differences In -status” become a hindrance for the both of them which became the main reason why they did not end up each other. It was quite sad In my opinion, but that is reality. Life is not a fairytale. it doesnt always have a happy ending. The short story entitled “The Wedding Dance” written by Amador Daguio, Is a story about a husband (Awiyao) and a wfe (Lumnay) whoVe been married for seven years, ut now the husband has to marry another woman (Madullmay), because his wife cannot bear children.

In their culture In the mountains, during those times having a child to follow after the husband’s name was a must. Awiyao and Lumnay were married for seven years, yet they werent able to produce children and Awiyao badly need one to prove his masculine vigor and to establish his place among his tribesmen so he decided to leave Lumnay and marry Madulimay. The story is set in one of the mountainous provinces In the northern Philippines. on Awlyao’s wedding o Madullmay, while Gangsas beat and women dance to celebrate the union.

Awlyao slipped away from the celebration to convince Lumnay to Join the dancing women. Instead, their conversation turned to a passionate goodbye, each expressing love for the other, their speeches filled with recollection of their precious memories together, blood surging, resolved to stop the dance and complain against the tribe’s culture that permits a man to marry another woman if the first wife couldn’t bear him children. But suddenly she stopped and turned back, defeated. On reading the part f the night of “Awiyads wedding dance”, I felt sad for Awiayao and Lumnay.

Awiyao, being separated from Lumnay, is unfair in a way that they were even punished by crimes that they have not committed. Which in fact, infertility is not even a crime. It just breaks my heart to see how this “culture” of theirs separates the both of them. Awiyads pride forced him to leave his wife, no matter how he loves her. Another thing is, what if Lumnay was not the one who has the problem, and Awiyao could have been the one with fertility problems, who knows? Can Lumnays love can take im back?

On the second point, their culture permits husband to leave his wife and take another woman hoping the second wife would bear him children?! I don’t think there are such rules for women exist. And although the first wife may remarry, it would only be after her husband left her. And what if Lumnays second marriage bears her a child? Then their culture was the one who committed a sin for ruining a marriage and separating two people who truly loves each other. We can say that these things still happens in the present times, but not particularly like that of Awiayao and Lumnays’.

I call these things as “barriers”, obstacles, or hindrance that makes a love story, tragic. But I believe that barriers such as those can be overcome if their love for one another is stronger and harder than that of a rock, then nothing can break them apart from each other. It’s Just a matter of helping, trusting, and loving one other that builds a strong relationship. And lastly, if two people are meant to be, no matter how bitter or tragic the story may be, you’ll still end up with each other.