Introduction Work and employment relations are the foundation of every single organisation. This is a simple practice that is being implemented worldwide to improve employment standards. Tan (2007, p. 3) states that ‘Employment relations is the relationship between managers and their employees in an organisation’, employers and their employees therefore share a transparent relationship.

The fast-food industry is expanding rapidly throughout the world and a particular mention will be “the McDonald’s Corporation, because it is usually the market leader in most countries,” stated by (Royle and Towers 2002a, p. 6). In these organisations, employees remain as the focal point because without them, the fast-food industry will remain obsolete. The fast-food industry implements various methods to ensure that employees remain satisfied in their working environment.

The government plays an important role in establishing state laws to ensure basic working conditions. It is also important to understand first what the nature of the employees is and also what management style the fast-food industry has been able to implement with regards to the government. This is further analysed to show their importance to good employment relationships which determine the growth of the organisation.

This essay further compares and contrasts the similarities and differences between the work and employment relations in the fast-food industry comparing Singapore to Germany and the United States. The Role of the Government The Singapore government have established specific state laws to ensure employees have acceptable working conditions. The Industrial Relations Act gives their employers freedom to manage the working conditions of their employees (Pereira 2002) which shows employer preference in adjusting working conditions with their employees.

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Good employment relationships in the fast-food industry are practised by ensuring that acceptable working conditions of employees are acknowledged with the intervention of state law. The presence of a dominant figure in the fast-food industry is McDonald’s as, ‘In Singapore, McDonald’s is the biggest player in the fast-food industry’ (Pereira 2002, p. 142). McDonald’s will then have an easier transition of their Human Resource Management (HRM) programme


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