The definition of ‘sustainability’ is the ability of how
natural systems function, remains diverse and produce everything it needs to
maintain the ecological balance. It also takes into account how we might live
in harmony with the natural resources, protecting it from damage and
extinction. It is not just about environment, it’s also about our health as a

Our present world is in such a condition that if not
taken action, sustainability of future generation may become difficult. This is
why serious action is needed in order to control the utilization of natural
resources in a way that they will be able to sustain indefinitely

Sustainable development is a way for people to use
resources for development of societies without their extinction. It is meeting
the needs of people without making the future generation to compromise their
use of resources. Everyone has their own priority of needs. So, most of the
things that we use some way or the other includes natural resources. So,
educating youth on sustainable development gives an expectation of designing a
sustainable future for the future generations.

Economic sustainability means better jobs,
reasonable prices, cheaper electricity that can be continued indefinitely. In
our present world, consumption of resources is really huge which leads to the
over exploitation of resources. In fact, we consume more than our fair share.
We need a sustainable economic model which ensures fair distribution and efficient
utilization of the resources to maintain a healthy balance with our ecosystem.

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We take the resources for granted and sometimes
forget that those resources are not unlimited. All the industries emissions,
wastes pollute the environment which indicates a danger sign for a well
sustained future human society. So, it is really important to protect our
planet’s resources from over exploitation. This includes control of emissions,
controlling fossil fuel consumption, planting trees, avoiding deforestation and
managing wastes. Herman Daly, one of the early pioneers of sustainability
proposed that for renewable resources, the rate of production should not exceed
the rate of consumption. Also, for nonrenewable resources, its depletion should
require renewable substitutes if possible for that resource.

Social sustainability is the ability of a social
system such as a nation, to function such that it ensures the well-being of
human societies indefinitely or to develop plans which not only meets the needs
of the present but also future generation. According to noble laureate Amartya
Sen, social sustainability has five key things i.e. Equity (reducing the
disadvantages of projects, more control over their lives), Diversity (recognizing
diversities within different groups), Social cohesion (developing a sense of
belonging together in a community) and Quality of life (improving
opportunities, health and skill development).

It is an
approach that aims to educate students in schools and communities towards the
values and motivation to maintain their own well-being take action against
sustainability. It aims to build awareness from the present exploitation of
resources and teaching them the correct measures for controlled utilization of
the resources for future sustainability. It also develops students towards
critical thinking and bringing out innovative ideas towards more sustainable
living. Education for sustainability also focuses on partnerships to build big communities
to act together.             

By concluding this, we can say that in order to sustain, we
need to bring a major change in our society. It is clear that the present
exploitation of natural resources has to be controlled in order to sustain
human societies to the future and a lot of things has to be considered under


“Resilience is all about being able
to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of
resilience is to thrive.”

                                                -Jamais Cascio


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