The Scandal of the 1919 World Series¨Life is full of unfair calls, bad plays, and missed catches(HomeanQuotes 13).¨ But this was not the case for the 1919 World Series. This was the worst World Series, with all of the cheating, lies, and unsportsmanlike conduct. The 1919 World Series was a horrible time for baseball. Arnold Rothstein early life born on January 17, 1882, New York City. At the age of 16 he dropped out of school. He then became a salesman and started hanging out at Pool Halls and that’s when he got into crime. He found that he had a talent for playing with numbers and he made a small fortune doing so. At the age of 20 he owned and ranned his own illegal casino. He started rigging horse races and card game. He had many nicknames “The Big Bankroll”, “The Brain”, “Mr. Big”, and “The Fixer”. He was clearly a man with great talent at cheating (Moore 12). Rothstein’s mid life was full of excitement it had the 1919 World Series and Prohibition. He saw a great business idea before anyone else did. He started distributing alcohol before any mobs did. He got into business with mobs and gangster. He had became a huge part in organized crime he helped mob grow. He became a successful loan shark and made fifty million dollars. He was paying off cops, mobs, and judges to keep them off his trail and for protection. He was most famous for the 1919 World Series. He was suspected of being behind the fix but it was never convicted due to missing evidence. He threatened the players families so clearly he did not care about anyone he just cared about the money(One of New York’s Most Notorious Gamblers Is Shot to Death 10).His life before he died was not so great he was on a losing streak and owed an unknown gambler $320,000 and refused to pay it because he thought the game was rigged. The police say the unknown person that he owed money might have been the one to shoot him because he wanted his money. Before Rothstein died he kept the secret of the shooter identity following the gangster #1 rule the code of silence. After his death he became a character in movies, tv series, and in books. He was portrayed in Damon Ranyor’s Short Story, and in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby. He was portrayed in the films Eight Men Out and The Godfather, Part II. He was also portrayed in the tv series Boardwalk Empire (Moore 12).The 1919 World Series was a horrible time for the Chicago White Sox. Their was 8 players that thought they could make money by throwing the 1919 World Series. But when they did throw the series they regretted it. So they started winning and the gamblers who were part of the fix did not like it. The 8 tried to call off the fix but the gangster’s did not like it so they started to threatening the players families. So they started to lose again(Andrews 8). Their were 8 players expected of the scandal Joe Jackson, Eddie Cicotte, Oscar Felsch, Claude Williams, Arnold Gandil, Fred Mcmullin, Charles Risberg and Swede Risberg. Swede was thought to be the ring leader(Andrew 8). Eddie Cicotte was not trying to hide the fact that he was throwing the game he was throwing ball at people and they started to notice that something might be up. “I muffedf the ball on purpose all the runs scored against me were due to my deliberate errors, I did not try to win(Cicotte 15).”  People started talking after the second game that something might be up but no one could prove it(MLB 2). “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was one of the suspected 8 players suspected of the 1919 World Series Scandal. Even though his batting average was a (.375) the third highest batting average in the league. “God knows I gave my best in baseball at all times and no man on earth can truthfully judge me otherwise(Jackson 14).”  He says his lawyer told him to sign a document that he didn’t really know what it was about and his lawyer told him it was just a think to get money and that it. The only reason he did not read the document was because he never learned how to read and write. So he seems like a person who would not do such a thing because he had a good chance at getting into the Hall of Fame( Pruitte 4). August 31, 1920 evidence of an early fixed game came to light between the Cubs and the Phillies. So of the accusations of the world series being fixed they looked into the World Series      ( Chronology of the chicago black sox scandal 6).Charles Comiskey released a statement that he would pay anyone $20,000 to anyone who had many information about the scandal. Eddie Cicotte confessed and 8 players are indicated and where notified and had been suspended. The eight player then came out and told their involvement. They sign a confession that states who was involved in the scandal. Just before the trials began all confession had went missing. People say that Arnold Rothstein had stolen the confessions and had hide the other gamblers that were being convicted. The players would not testify what they on the stand because they did not want to criminalize themselves of the scandal. The trial begins July 29,1921 the state asked for five years in prison and $2,000 fine. They were charged of conspiring to defraud the public, conspiring to defraud the pitcher, conspiring to commit a confidence game, and conspiring to injure the business of American League. After the testimony the jury was only way for three hours and had found the defendants not guilty to any charges. Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis was appointed the first commissioner of baseball. He made it so that none of those player can never play on the big diamond of professional baseball ever again. But that did not stop them from trying to get back in. He had swept the fix under the rug so people will forget about it. He wanted baseball to get back on top of the American League (Chronology of the Chicago black sox scandal 6). The 1919 World Series was a horrible time for baseball do to all the bad illegal things that had been portrayed around it. From the illegal gambling, to the throwing of games, these things destroyed the name of baseball. So this is why the 1919 World Series was not a good time for baseball.


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