The bone in the spine is recognised as vertebrae. When the bone in the spine breaks down they are identified as vertebral fractures. Also, when a person’s one or more bones from the spine is broken it cause the back pain which doesn’t go away so easily, however sometimes the individual feels no pain at all meaning that they cannot tell if their bone is broken. Afterwards, if the patient face too many of the breaks then the service user will have a curved spine as well as they will begin to lose height over the time. In few cases patients aren’t familiar that they have any kind of disease because they feel no pain or any symptom to know that they have broken a bone in their spine. The studies have revealed that verbal fractures can cause back pain, loss of height, abnormality, and decrease in pulmonary function and extended an amount of days in bed. 4Moreover, the expression on one’s life can be very serious as it can turn-out as lack of self-esteem, misconception about body image and depression. What’s more, vertebral fractures as well unusually effect on actions that a person does in their daily life such as walking, cooking, toileting etc. However, earlier or sooner they be mindful of their illness of the spine when they start losing height by an inch or more in a year. Also, due to the height loss and changes in the individual’s spine, clothes may not fit them perfectly and they may feel weaker and weaker every day. Moreover, they will find everyday basic work hard and difficult to cope up with as they do not have the strength to do work anymore. Additionally, service user’s pulmonary function reduces, the pulmonary function is a set of tests that estimate how to fit or unfit an individual’s lungs are and how well are the performing their functions. This also considers how in good health you are that your lungs work effectively so they exchange oxygen to the all parts of the body and how well you can breathe. By International Osteoporosis Foundation, I have found out that a 50 years old white woman has 16% lifespan risk that she will undergo a vertebral fracture however a 50-year-old white man has less chance to experience a vertebral fracture, the chance is only 5%.

The Osteoporosis disease have an affect an individual’s health and well-being. Fractures for the reason that the osteoporosis have a significant impact on an individual’s strength, happiness and quality of life. For instance, the hip fractures can end in pain, decline in mobility, an increase in degree of dependence and disability. Hips fractures are the prominent reason why are most old people losing their independence and freedom. Later than, because of the hip fractures 10 to 20% of the patients who accommodate in the community will need long term nursing care. According to Osteoporosis facts and statistics, one in five people die in beginning of the year after enduring distress from a hip fracture as well as develops the chance of dying for at least five years. The few lucky patients who manage to survive from the hip injury on several occasions with physical pain and loss of function and freedom. Moreover, 40% of people cannot walk in a solitary state and 60% of still need assistance a year later and also 33% are completely depend or are in a nursing home after a hip injury.  On the other side, in western countries the result of a hip fracture can be critical, the result in other parts of the world can be even more destructive. In countries where few people have access to healthcare treatments, they would not receive surgeries which then can lead to either to permanent disability or death. 


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