The movie “Apollo 13” details the
lunar mission Apollo 13 but with a little more dramatic detail than what
actually occurred on the mission. The movie describes the events that unfold
when the astronauts leave Earth and go to land on the moon. However, an oxygen
tank on their carrier explodes which derails their mission so they aren’t able
to land on the moon. After that tensions arise between the crew members and the
movie describes these tensions and how the crew works through them. The space
race during this time was an important part of history because Russia and the
United States both prompted technological advancements of space equiptment,
rockets, and sparked interest in space as a whole with the general public. The
movie “Apollo 13” accurately depicts the event Apollo 13 in context with
history with some dramatics added in for the movie. Apollo 13 had a huge impact
on the world as a whole; therefore, it is important to know how Apollo 13
connects with history on a larger scale. The history in Apollo 13 is paramount.
It describes the struggles that the crew on Apollo 13 went through after the
oxygen tank exploded in space. They faced immense hardships during the six days
that they were in space. Food was limited, they had limited power, heat, and
even water. Thus, Apollo 13 showed the world all of the different aspects of
space travel that could go wrong. The film Apollo 13
shows the audience the exact events, with some dramatism, that occurred on the
mission. For someone who may not understand the ramifications of Apollo
13 and the effects this had on the United States, it is a great movie to brush
up on some history and understand how Apollo 13 impacted history. Again, the
events that unfolded in the movie were highly dramatized from what actually
occurred on the mission, however, still had historical and a significant basis.



            The text describes Apollo 13 as a
manned mission to see more of the moon and uncover more information about the
moon. They describe the faults of the mechanisms that were on the ship and the
various details about the issues that the ship had. However, the textbook also
discusses the bigger picture of Apollo 13 and the societal consequences of the
public knowing that those on Apollo 13 were stranded in space for six days with
dwindling supplies. It started a negative connotation with space exploration
and prompted the fall of the space race. This can be seen by in recent years,
there haven’t been as many space projects announced as there were during the
space race with Russia. The textbook asserts that in order to prompt another
space race and more technological innovations revolving around space, the
United States needs to compete with another country similarly to the space race
with Russia. When competing to advance technology the United States needed
someone to compete against so they would be motivated to continue creating the

            This technology creation is evident
in the movie Apollo 13. The movie essentially had all of the right information
encompassed into it. For example, it accurately described how there were
tensions between the staff on Apollo 13 and how there were shortages in many
supplies on the ship. For example, there was a limited power supply on the
ship. This limited supply had many still in the United States worried for the
crew on the ship. Despite this, obviously the movie is going to be slightly
biased because they are dramatizing the entire process that happened on Apollo
13 to sell more tickets and get more views. However, the historical
representation of what actually happened on the ship is accurate just more
dramatized. Ultimately, the movie did a great job at capturing the ideas and
premise of Apollo 13 and the space race as a whole. 


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