The progress of humanity declined in the past years. Currently we are poisoning ourselves on daily bases. Cellphones, Computers and Televisions are working to poison our brain. Taking away our energy. Some people might argue and say that we are advanced in technology now, and we are able to do so many things that our forefathers weren’t able to do. Now we have machines that will help us, to get things properly. But these machines, the internet is working against us. It is setting us back mentally. Like to the point where you don’t really have to think about anything like you could google anything you need to know and then forget it a couple of minutes later. Back when my parents were in school they had to go to the library, they had to really search in those bookshelves and find the information that they wanted. Now kids don’t have to search for anything. All they are doing is going online, asking any question that you want to asks, you’ll find the answer instantly after milliseconds. But your brain isn’t able to really take in that question and say hmm let me find the answer to it. I want to seek and find. Therefore im working like im going through the stages working to getting the answer. Now it’s affecting parts in your brain which are responsible for pushing your exploration skills. Its not going through the process, its just asking a question and getting the answer. And that is training us to reach in a robotic way. Technology is pushing us into being robots. It wants us to have the explanation to everything. Sooner or later they’re going to be implanting Google into our mind. So we are instantly super clever and know every little thing. A lot of people may thing its exciting, that It would be great to be able to answer everything. But no, thats not what life is about. You need to be able to struggle through things, you need to be able to go through the process in order to get the answer in order to get the information that you want. People really love smartphones. Everyone things they are such a great invention. It allows you to call your friends, it enables the opportunity to communicate all around the world etc. But cellphones also have set us back. You might thing about how our ancestors were able to communicate, how they were able to find each other, how they were able to go to a place without knowing where it is. It is because they had certain brain stimulations that allowed them to be able to connect with each other on a more human level. They didn’t need these things. They could feel it like „I know where George is or I need to get in contact with Theresa. I don’t have smartphone, but im going to use my brain”. They had to figure it out mentally. Thats how they traveled and visited friends and family which lived far away. So to clarify that. We are really working on a robotic level right now. We are steps away from being a robots. Later we say something like „yeah we have everything that we need now. I have my cellphone, my computer, I have the news and I have all this information” That will keep us grounded. That is exactly where they want us to be because this is what allows the people who are in control to stay in control. I would define humanity as kind communication between people, being creative and the ability to love. And for example chatting online versus a face to face dialogue is two complete different things. The way that we deal with life changed so drastic in the last ten years and it is simply robotic. Nowadays you cant look into a person walking down the street and have a real connection with the person. Everybody want to be so standoff. They want to be in their own little tunnel vision. They see another person and want to get as far away as they can be. Going into their own intimate technology world. People were more excited about life than now. Sure, Technology can enhance humanity, but this topic is about the destruction of humanity through use of technology in the last years.


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