The Effects and Causes of a Happy Life How many people are truly happy with their life? When you think of a happy life, you imagine that happiness has an unalterable effect. You may vision yourself with the perfect job, the faultless children, the gratifying husband or wife, the unblemished level of income, big house, and expensive car. You believe that all of these things will make you happy. However, this particular view is oblique. Material things cannot make us happy.

These are three causes that can effect on your happy life: good health, love and having enough money for a wholesome living. First off, the most fundamental part of having a happy life is your health. Being healthy allows you to work and make money, and have all of the things you want. On the other hand, when you are not so healthy, you cannot accomplish or achieve your common goals. Also, when your health permits you from doing things that you want to do, you lose your potential and become a liability to your family members.

It becomes a suffering in your whole life. Our health is everything. Whether you are a teenager, a child, or an adult having good health enables you to perform the daily functions of your life. For example, for adults a normal life allows them to be able to go to work, and to build character. For children, good health means being able to hang out with friends, and have fun. Good health allows you to enjoy a happy life. The second factor in having a happy life is love. When family members have love for each other, their life can be easier and happier.

For example, when family has a love to each other, they can go places together and have open communication. They can share feelings, emotions, and reconcile differences. Don’t be consumed by jealousy. This can do serious damage to a relationship. The poet Maya Angelou once said that “jealousy is like salt. In small amounts, it can add spice to a relationship but too much is unhealthy”. Don’t take your relationships for granted. Focus on positive attributes and remember that no one is perfect. Moreover, having a blissful life is having sufficient money to live.

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Money can’t buy you happiness. Our money will be even better spent if we take the time to appreciate the objects of our spending the vacation, gadget, or smiles of the people we have aided. Money only buys a small measure of happiness, and then only for those who have the wisdom to use it properly. When you have money and you are using it wisely it allows you to be happy because you know in your mind that you are not spending it on non essential things. Money confers a freedom of movement on a person.

If you have enough cash to spend you can go almost anywhere in the world which makes you content. The average person is likely to need more cash these days as prices increase. It costs a lot of money to live a happy life in this world. There are many advantages to having a lot of money. There are also some problems. You will have to pay more taxes, keep track of what you have, or pay people to keep accounts of all of your holdings. You may be a lot busier than a bum who lives under a freeway bridge in a cardboard box.

Still, it will be a joyous life, knowing what to do with all your wealth. Happiness comes from within. It does not take much to smile and be pertinent with the life you have. We only complicate happiness by comparing what we have with other people. To be happy is a choice you have to make. Material things will not bring you happiness. Only you can find happiness in the small little things in your life. Sometimes it may be difficult to find happiness in life. Occasionally, you have to open your heart and accept it. Finding happiness is something everyone should have.


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