After completing my story, I thought I would say how the story that I had written related to the story ‘The Dubliners’. The story that I wrote, I related to the theme of paralysis and the risk of death, a vision of the future and also a little about money, which is used in The Dubliners. I chose this viewpoint on the story as I thought it would relate well to the background I was using. Especially the theme of death would work well, as death is a very common situation so it helped when I dramatised the theme.

Also I decided to use the times of today, as I thought it would be more easier to relate to ‘The Dubliners’ using a situation in a lower/ middle class background, but using a cultural difference. I also decided to use third person narrative, as I thought it would be clearer in third person. I did try to use first person, but I had a bit of difficulty in putting a point across, so I decided to use third person, as I found it much more flowing to do. I decided to start off with a line, which explained the background so the story would be easier to understand, as I used a different culture.

If I had gone straight into a story, the story may have been hard to understand. I included a little introduction to the character and the backgrounds, so the reader would notice what culture I was trying to show and how I was trying to relate it to The Dubliners. I think the introduction to the character and the culture, is a very important thing in my story. This was only in the beginning, but when I used a little climax. I used a twist in the middle of my story, to make sure the reader would be more interested and engaged to read on. The method I used was an everyday experience, which seemed like a big thing.

This helped me to use the theme of vision of the future, with the character knowing there would be more trouble. The ending I used both of the themes of death and vision of future. I think death was a very important in the whole story, which showed the theme of paralysis. I used the theme of vision of future, as the character had death on their mind through the whole story, and this helped to use the theme of death. I think I can relate this to The Dubliners, as the theme of paralysis and the theme of death and darkness is used very often. I chose to end the story in this way as it dramatises the themes in which that I used.

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Also I used description, with a stressful atmosphere used. I think this ending suits the culture in which I wrote the story about. As it is believed that shootings are made in this background a lot. This I thought would be the best way to end my story. I think I thought about my main character quite a lot, especially with the culture to take in account. Also, the use of the characters pride and making the character emotional about death and escape. This helped me to explain how the character was feeling. I think I used the character well in the situation, because the background and culture is like real life.

I have read and researched situation like this and deaths are always happening. This is why it was important, that I made sure the character, language and the actions were correct. This in my opinion was the best thing to do was research a little about the background, also things such as drugs, typical backgrounds, and even clothing I researched so I made sure the situation was just like real life and not something in reality. I used the background and the subject matter as it all related to one thing. Especially the setting and atmosphere, which all related to death.

I used the subject of stress in my story as well, the whole theme of stress, occurred to me as a good way in which to escape or a good way to look for escape. Stress can usually consist of anger and frustration, which is how it is related to The Dubliners. These emotions are shown within my story and also The Dubliners. The language I used in my story was descriptive and also gave good and relevant information, when was needed. As I used a different content of language, I had to explain what some words meant. Also I think my story would sound effective if it was to be read out loud, as the situation is real and can happen in life.

Maybe in some cases people can relate to this kind of story, as it can also send a message across about gangs, firearms, drugs, and also maybe drinking. After writing this story I think that this has many themes which could be related to the story, The Dubliners. As you can see I have included themes such as death, escape, darkness and also vision for the future. I think these themes helped me to relate the story with the best use, as cultural I was not sure on which to write a story about, that is why I used a different culture, in which I found more interesting to write about.


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