The Crucible: Story of Abigail Williams and the Witch Trials

BreJanai Collins 12/10/11 Period 2 The crucible essay The various causes of irony presented in the crucible revels that those who are in power create the truth in Salem and those who are powerless lived in fear. The young girls of Salem had the most power to whom was being put to death over actuations of doing witchcraft.Abigail Williams would end up taking 19 people live off of actuations, more importantly all of these innocent people was killed without any evidence that they was doing anything of any short In the crucible Danforth is a igure of Justice, however he is very Judgmental although when you’re a Judge you see everyone as innocent until proven guilty, moreover without any evidence your no to have your mind made up about whom you’re prosecuting.Danforth dose not “Fences: ninety-one your Excellency, Danforth: then I am they may have nothing to fear” (pg.

1297). With this exert from the ply do you think that Judge Danforth is living up to his requirements to be to be the best Judge he can be? I feel that without any real evidence how can you not want to know why you sending these people to death?As one of the most important people of Salem you would think that he would look actually see if whom was being blamed for practicing witchcraft you should want to look deeper to know if they are practicing it . In the crucible Abigail and the young girls was look to as the authority. They would basically blame anyone if they need to , however Abigail did not intend for all of the people she blamed to be killed.

Anyone who was in her way would be killed as will “he comes to me at night he make me sign his book”.Abigail was a master mind she had most of the young girls in Salem to back he every word up she would also make people believe what she was saying with an act In conclusion I believe that it is very ironic that Danforth was not a a good Judge and that young girls of Salem shouldn’t be able who is sent to death or who lives, although I feel that they people of Salem is part of the blame for many people being killed but if it was not for these to people the many death that have been taken place would not have happen .


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