The Corporation

While being more than just the ordinary film, “The Corporation” also “explores the nature and spectacular rise of the dominant institution (“The Corporation: About the Film,” 2006, p. 1). What makes it more intriguing is that it reaffirms the idea that the corporation is an entity that is primarily geared towards “pure self-interest” (“The Corporation Film: Synopsis,” 2006, p. 1) which is similar to the belief that it creates “unprecedented wealth” at the cost of “illness, death, poverty, pollution, exploitation and lies (“The Corporation Film: Synopsis,” 2006, p. ). ” If this is truly the case, then our fears are yet to come. Although there are already existing legal and other social efforts to counter and resolve the problems that confront the society concerning the harms done by the “corporation”, much of the damages already done cannot be undone. It seems that what can be done, on the contrary, is to prevent further damage from being handed to the coming generation’s current efforts in solving the problem.

It is quite a depressing fact that the “corporation” has begun its negative effects long before even man can realize that it has slowly eaten up more than most of what man has created. Even life itself has already been brought into harms way and will continue to be placed under serious threat unless something is done. It makes me think how the ‘corporation’ began. There may be historical accounts that attempt to understand its detailed past, perhaps bringing up narratives whose accounts are in no small way similar to the experiences of the common man.

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So where does this place us? Apparently, I believe part of the reason why the ‘corporation’ is still penetrating deep within not only the society but, more importantly, in the minds of the people is precisely because our children are exposed to it in more ways than one. What happens when we confront the corporation? Two things: either we get absorbed into the ‘corporation’ which incorporates the mentality similar to the corporate world, or we maintain a stand against the corporation.

Little kids have ease of access to the elements of the ‘corporation’ inasmuch as the ‘corporation’ also has quite an ease of hand when tapping the innocent and naive minds of the young people. Take for instance the case of toys enthusiastically being advertised in televisions all over the world. It is no hidden fact that toy manufacturers have strongly employed mass media not only in publicizing their products but more depressingly in instilling unto young minds the psychology of patronizing their products even without actually forcing these people to do so.

Getting hold of the common sense of the little children is one way, maintaining their unprovoked support is another. I do not intend to propose that it is the case for all situations. What I can see is that there are indeed such cases, and the numbers we need not to know for we may be shocked. Likewise, I do not want to take pity on those who have already been ‘victimized’ so to speak of the ills of the ‘corporation’. It has grown rapidly and dominantly that it already seems there is no stopping the sunrise for the abuses of the ‘corporation’. Everyday the problem enlarges.

Tomorrow, the problems created by the ‘corporation’ may swell even more. The point is, there is little we can do for the present generation. However, and this I can see quite clearly, the future generation may still find a patch of their lives uncontaminated by the present ills we have today. True enough, we cannot completely isolate our children from the control of the ‘corporation’ for its grasps are far more stretched than we can even begin to think. Since this is the case, the best way is to not run away from it but instead to face it bravely like we never did before.

The key to surviving and outliving the ills of the ‘corporation’ is education. While learning and its numerous institutions may never be too far away from the influence of the ‘corporation’, teaching children about the harsh realities behind the corporate realm is one key ingredient in creating the ‘cure’ so to speak for the innocent minds. Let’s face it, since there is not much we can do to keep our kids away from such problems, why don’t we place them closer to the reality and make them ‘immune’ to the corporate virus.

In that way, the mental defenses of our children will at least be heightened. I admit the process is not an overnight solution as every attempt may not amount to much as what one may expect. Nevertheless, a slow approach is still a solution. Like building a wall brick by brick, mounting the layers of defense for our children may never be impossible. While resources may run low, time is at least on our side in establishing our goal of good riddance to the ills of the ‘corporation’.

More importantly, I do not intend to totally eliminate the ‘corporation’ as it has, in many ways, contributed largely to the development of man although the development has taken its toll upon us and we now have a large price to pay. The oversight is simple: rid the weeds and keep the fruits. Like a monumental tree promising enough to provide for the needs of man, the ‘corporation’ still has its good purpose. Man has created for himself a ‘machine-turned-beast’ in which man must now tame lest it tames him completely in the end.

We cannot entirely allow the ills of the ‘corporation’ to wrap us around its sickening layers of “illness, death, poverty, pollution, exploitation and lies (“The Corporation Film: Synopsis,” 2006, p. 1). ” Something must be done. The crusade has begun and every effort counts like little marching ants out to seize a loose beast. A slow attack and a piecemeal effort is the best way to deal with the ‘corporation’. The movie itself reveals the same method and we can pretty much achieve in the end only if we are willing to do so.