“The Chaser” was written by John Collier and were regularly published in leading American Magazines from the 1930s through the 1950s. It is a story about the true nature of love. The author is telling us that love is an illusion and that if we had someone truly act the way we think (when we are in love) that we want them to act, we would want to kill them or to kill ourselves.

The story is set in a dark and dingy side street shop on Pell Street in China Town, New York. The shop where the purchase takes place is described as tiny, with one table and chair. The atmosphere is dark and suspicious. As you read the story, you know Alan is making a mistake. You feel like warning him to run away before he makes a grave mistake. Alan Austen. He is described as nervous as a cat and is desperate for the love of a women named Diana. And the other main character is the old man. eHe is He He is described as wise and he interrupts Alan when he speaks. He knew Alan would be coming. He is sneaky with his words.

As a summary; Alan Austen enters a dirty store on a side street in New York’s China town. An old man sits waiting for him and tells him about two products he sells. Alan shows he is excited that the old man has a potion that could make Diana fall in love with him. The old man also mentions to Alan about a more expensive product that costs much more. Alan buys the love potion for one dollar and the old man says,” Au revoir” which means see you later.

The story has an Omniscient Narrative and the author used irony, foreshadowing, allusion as storytelling techniques. The climax is near the end of the story. The old man finally shows Alan the “tiny, rather dirty looking phial” and Alan excitedly thanks the old man. It is climactic because you wonder if he will buy it or be overcome by guilt and worry given the old man’s warnings. The story ends immediately after that and we are left to wonder what happens when he leaves the store. The main conflict is between Alan and his ego. He wants Diana to love him and is willing to do anything to make that happen.

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In short, I would like to indicate that This way of loving is tragic because it is not real. It could even be said that he does not really love Diana and that he only is in love with himself because of a lack of sincerity. Artificial is what it is. Artificial love is indeed a tragedy. Because as we can say the major theme of this story, the love must be won not bought.


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