What actions and characteristics of Montresor make him an effective villain one might ask? ” I must not only punish but punish with impunity” (Poe, 1199). Montresor desires to punish Fortunato for an unknown crime against him. Montresor took his revenge on fellow nobleman Fortunato during a night of Carnival while he was drunk, dazed, and wearing a jester’s outfit. It would seem that it would be pretty hard to murder a man during a festive occasion. However with the proper approach any kind of covert murder can be committed. The first factor that makes Montresor an effective villain is the setting upon which he approaches Fortunato in.

The story states that Fortunato was in high spirits, and sporting a Jesters outfit during the Carnival festival. Generally anybody under the influence of alcohol and certain drugs will be easy to persuade in any type of party atmosphere. I believe that Montresor took all this into consideration when planning on how he would seek revenge on Fortunato. He probably felt that if he approached Fortuanto during the Carnival, and while drunk he would be able to persuade him into doing anything.?

The second factor that makes Montresor an effective villan is what he uses to persuade Fortunato to go into the wine cellar. Montresor claims he has obtained an entire pipe of Amontillado sherry wine, and wants an expert opinion of the wines quality. Already being friends with a person, being drunk, and at a party would be enough for anyone in the same situation to feel it would be reasonable to go with Montresor. “Come let us go,” says Montresor to Fortunato after informing him of the Amontillado (Poe, 1200).

Montresor played on the fact that he knew Fortunato would be tempted to taste the exquisite wine. After all what would be better than wine at a party but more wine?? The third factor that makes Montresor an effective villain is where he decides to actually commit the murder. Fortunato goes with Montresor to the wine cellars, where they wander deep into the catacombs. Ironically Montresor tries to slickly suggest that they turn back when he hears Fortunato cough, but doesn’t intend on doing so at all.

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Fortunato is chained to a wall in a niche in Montresor’s cellar, and then is sealed within the niche and left to die when Montresor builds a brick wall in front of the niche. The story also states that all the servants had left to enjoy the carnival so there was nobody in the house at the time of the murder. Montresor also sneaking gives Fortunato more wine before There is no way anybody would come search for a man in such a bizarre location. Montresor obviously thought the same when deciding on where he would ultimately lead Fortunato.

Fortunato even screams and pleads for help but Montresor simply mocks his cries knowing not a soul can hear them.? The fourth factor that makes Montresor an effective villain is his attitude and demeanor in which he carry’s towards Fortunato. Montresor gives off the vibe that everything is ok towards Fortunato and him. Even before he see’s Fortunato the story states that he had extreme dislike towards him because of a past insult. However Montresor gives no signs of having such a beef with Fortunato when he first see’s him.

Weather because of being high spirited, or because whatever insult Montresor claims Fortunato said against him proably never happened, Fortunato approaches Montresor at Carnival as if there was no quarrel between the two. Montresor even acts cheerful and generous as he asks Fortunato if he would like to go with him to have a drink of the Amontillado.? The fifth factor that makes Montresor an effective villain is the fact that he basks in his glory right in the face of his victim. As Montresor walls up the entrance to the crypt Fortunato (confused) screams and pleads for help from behind the first layer of the wall.

Montresor must be aware that the alcohol that Fortunato consumed is wearing off as he builds more layers of the wall and his victims screams terrified and helplessly. Fortunato even at one point laughs believing that Montresor is simply playing a joke on him, but sadly for him he isn’t. Fortunato even cries out “for the love of God Montresor,” who stops answering his victim’s calls, builds the rest of the wall, and proceeds to leave (Poe, 1204). The sixth factor that makes Montresor an effective villain is the fact that he is seeking revenge.

Any good villain has a deep dark sinister motive and revenge is one of the most common and effective when seeking a reason to cause harm to a person. Montresor claims the reason he has a quarrel with Fortunato is because he has offended him in the past. The story does not state exactly what Fortunato had done wrong, but whatever the reasons they were enough to motivate Montresor to commit murder. Seeking revenge in general will motivate a person even more to successfully take out their planned actions on their victim.

The seventh factor that makes Montresor an effective villain is the state mental state in which Fortunato is in when Montresor decides to set off his plan against him. Fortunato is already drunk when Montresor arrives at Carnival. Ironically Montresor gives him more wine as the night progresses. Montresor must have been sure that by getting Fortunato under the influence it would be easier to persuade him to do what he wanted him to do. This proves to be true when Montresor gives him another drink right before reaching where he claims the Amontillado is. “Drink,” says Montresor presenting Fortunato with the wine (Poe, 1202).

I believe he does this to ensure that Montresor is fully intoxicated when entering the chamber.? Whatever ones belief may be the truth is Montresro was an all around well-rounded villan. The setting, what lie he uses get Fortunato into the cellar, where he decides to commit the murder, Montreror’s attitude towards Fortunato, the fact that Montresor basks in his own glory before commiting the murder, the fact that he’s seeking revenge, and the fact that Montresor waits until Fortunato is fully intoxicated are all factors that make Montresor the ultimate villan.


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