The by using an android based tablet. The

The customer enters the restaurant,
he occupies the desired table. Every table has a tablet fixed to it. The tablet
consists of android application which assists the customer in his food ordering
procedures. It has various sections like menu, view order, place order, view
bill and feedback. The customer can browse through the menu and select his
desired food items. Once he’s done, he can confirm his order. His order is
directly transferred to the screen placed in the kitchen. After the customer
finishes his meal, he has the option of providing feedback. The feedback of one
customer helps the new customers to decide their orders.

this system, customer places his order by using an android based tablet.

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system is mainly consists of three separate modules: the tablet having digital
menu for customer, a display for kitchen manager and an admin panel.

customer first places his order from the tablet by navigating the menu. In the
digital menu, the content spreads across several screens, such as a menu tab
consists of number of dishes through which the customer can scroll to choose
food item they want to order and can select its quantity according to their
need. Customer can view his order, so that if he want to modify the quantity
and/or make changes in it, he can easily do it. Through the bill tab, the
customer can view his bill which can be helpful in a way that he will order
food according to his range. Customer can also give feedback about the food.
Once the customer has done with placing his order, the order will be displayed
on the kitchen’s display which is basically a web based application. With the
help of table numbers, it can be identified that from which table order has
been placed.

is responsible of making changes in the menu like he can add, modify or delete
dishes or can update their price. He can also disable a particular dish in case
of non-availability of that dish at the particular time.