Beauty is based souly upon the way society uses the media to create a rigid unrealistic gender image leading to judgements. Beauty has become detrimental because people have chosen to make it this way. The media has deceived young women into thinking the ideal image for them is being small and slim. Young girls are being bombarded by images of women who are very thin and which leads them to criticize their own bodies. In the Dove Commercial: Onslaught directed by Tim Piper informs parents to ” talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does “(Tim Piper).

As young girls encounter the ads of women who have the perfect muscular physique they commence to become self-conscious of their body and look for ways to try an acquire the “desired” look. In the novel,”The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison we see a young girl Pecola trying to find a way to fit in the standards of beauty being presented in her hometown. Being light skin with blue eyes , yellow hair and pretty clothes made you the idealistic child. Unfortunately for Pecola she did not have any of those traits , ” a little black girl who wanted to rise up out the pit of her blackness and see the world with blue eyes”(Soaphead 174).

Due to the message portrayed in her community Pecola goes on to seek help to try and make herself have blue eyes in order to be “beautiful” and loved. The pictures being shown by the media illustrate that the normal person in unattractive which causes the audience to amend to the media’s vision of what is beautiful and they will do anything to achieve the perfect women look . Beauty’s definition has changed over the past century and the effect on women today is remarkable. Nowadays the media has made women feel the need to look a certain way and present themselves at their best in order to receive the love and respect they want.

Literature pieces like the novel, ” The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison reveals to us how characters in the story such as Geraldine try to escape what her culture says she will grow up to be and look. She tried to concur being white and moving to Ohio where ” there she built her nest, ironed shirts, potted bleeding hearts, played with her cat ,and birthed Louis Junior”(Claudia 86). She adapted her lifestyle to try and fit in on what a typical caucasian women life would be like. Having the lifestyle of a caucasian women meant you were higher in class and had something to be proud of.

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The media’s brainwash technique has driven the young generation to look up to the artificial role models which has created a superficial generation. In the Dove Commercial: Onslaught directed by Tim Piper reveals how the media distorts the images to make them impeccable before shown the the public. ” No wonder out perception of beauty is distorted”(Tim Piper). Technology has created an unrealistic look for women to follow and try to imitate. Women try and seek ways to look like these models because they are altered to believe that the looks that the models have are possible to achieve.

Beauty in the media translates into trends and fabs that affect young women by going to extremes to attain their best appearance possible. Million of women are being misguided by bogus images that are labeled to be beautiful and phenomenal. Beauty has now been maneuvered to a extent that it has become ugly. “She suffers but is told being fat will bring her happiness”(M’baye). In the article, “Girls being force-fed for marriage as fattening farms revived” by Africa correspondent Alex Duval Smith he tells us how in Mauritania young girls are being forced to go on strict diets at an early age in order to fulfill roundness and corpulence.

In Mauritania being thick will guarantee you a husband and happiness in the future. It is said that “… a women”s size indicates the amount of space she occupies in her husband’s heart” (Mint Ely). Being a thick women means you have power and are loved and women are lead to following extreme measures to get that round shape that it is said to be beautiful. Media promotes young women to disfigure their appearance and portray the “ideal” look.

In the article,”Asian American Women Critique Eye Surgery Craze”, by Sandy Kobrin reveals the ambition young asian women wanting to meet the expectation of what the media labels as the “ultimate look”. A young girl living in San Jose, California feels the need get plastic surgery for her birthday to get rounder eyes. “After quite a bit soul searching Lai opened to decline the surgery”(Kobrin). Due to the influence the media has on the world Asian girls are willing to go under the knife in order to acquire a rounder eye because it is said to be more attractive. The message given to people by the


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