The Bill

The commentary I am going to write about is on a police series called the Bill. The Bill first started in 1983 and quickly came a national institution, renowned for its real life feel, likeable characters and accessible short story format but things have changed since then. It is heading in a new direction bidding for larger audiences by making the Bill an all out serial with longer running plot lines. The particular episode I am writing about attracted a whopping 8. 6 million viewers and shocked the nation. In this episode P.

C. Des Taviner threw a petrol bomb through his inspector’s office window. The main characters are Sergeant June Ackland. She always abides by the rules and puts others before her. Next there is P. C. Reg Hollis. Everyone is always laughing at him because he plays a perpetually single whinge but provides plenty of light relief in the grittier storylines. It would not be the same without him. Then there is P. C. Des Taviner. He is the maverick cop who will do anything to get his way even if it means hurting someone.

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Next there is D. S. Hunter. He is what you would call the dodgy character. He is always talking to the enemy and is always getting himself into trouble even if it means to protect the criminal. Finally there is Superintendent Chandler. He is in charge of the station and controls everything. He is always having affairs with women at the station and is always doing something wrong. If there is a scandal at the station he is always involved in it some way. They say you should lead by example this man isn’t one of them.

The plot is quite complicated because it brings several storylines into one conclusion. The police station is being attacked by petrol bombs by a racist gang who were retaliating because there leader was arrested for what they thought was no apparent reason. Earlier on that day, Des Taviner placed some counterfeit money into Inspector Conway’s memorial fund. He had also been killed by the racist gang. Taviner was intent on destroying the money so he decided to throw a petrol bomb into the office. His actions cause 6 other officers to be killed.

It was a shocking spectacle. Later on Taviner claimed someone from the gang climbed the wall and through the bomb at him. He was cleared for then but the past soon caught up with him. There was only one officer who saw what Des did but he died in the result of the bomb blast. Most of the other members of the station were not harmed although some were slightly injured. The camera angles vary at different points of the scene. If two people are having a conversation then you would have a medium shot from a high angle.

If the shot is designed to focus attention on someone’s facial expression then the camera will have a close up of his face. When Des threw the bomb the camera would have had a high angle and a close up view to express the size of the bomb blast. Then would have had a close up of Taviners facial expression. The camera would zoom slowly to create suspense and climax. This way the audience will be at the edge of their seat. This sort of scene would be at the end of the show because it is a cliff hangar and the audience will want to know what happens next.

There are many morals to the story like do not steal or commit murder. The most important one is to respect someone no matter what colour or race they are. This is very important because it teaches someone to respect someone no matter what colour they are. I think the Bill has a low production value but has used its resources to good effect. I say this because it is filmed in an indoor location which saves a lot of money than going outside and filming a scene. All T. V. programmes are made to a budget.

The budget pays for the studio, cameras, lighting and sound technicians etc. Production companies on a high budget can afford the best technicians, actors and directors etc. Production values are high for the following reasons: to recoup the cost of making the programme and to make a profit from British T. V. companies and overseas T. V. stations the company must aim to appeal to as big as audience as possible. The Bill is shown at 8:00pm and aims for as big as audience as possible. The channel which it is broadcasted on ITV aims for mass audiences.

I think the Bill will appeal to everyone even children because it teaches them life is not all luxury and people are getting killed trying to keep the country clean and locking up the criminals. The storylines are always exciting and they encourage you to watch the next episode to find out what happens next. Also I think it teaches people valuable lessons if you commit a crime you will have to pay dearly. There is always a moral to each storyline which is important because you have to understand about what you just watched.