The batteries work best at a temperature of

The best Battery Pack

A power bank battery pack is an external charger that ensures that you can always pick up your smartphone or tablet. This Battery Pack is easy to carry on the road, as it takes up very little space and is very light. The operation of this product is fairly simple. The Battery Pack itself needs to be charged occasionally. Charging can be done with the cable that is included and that is specially made for your battery pack. This cable plugs into a home charger with a USB port and of course you can also charge your battery pack via the computer. The moment your battery pack is charged you can see this by the number of lines, or the percentage of the battery on the battery pack itself. Then you can easily take it with you and use it to recharge.

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The capacity

After inserting the USB cable from your smartphone or tablet into the USB port of the battery pack, the smartphone or tablet will start charging. The capacity of the power bank is always put down in maH. This means nothing but the time that the battery can give a certain current. The moment you ask for more power, for example because you want to charge several devices at the same time, the battery of the power bank will also be empty sooner. But a phone is also charged faster than a tablet.

More information about the operation

The batteries work best at a temperature of between 16 and about 23 degrees. Make sure that the power bank battery pack is not lying in the sun for hours, and you can store it safely on winter sports. The battery of the powerbank itself can also be emptied faster by cold or heat. When you put the powerbank in your jacket pocket it can quickly discharge. That is why it is important to place it in your bag with a cloth. The same money for a good heat. In case of a huge heat, it is best not to take the power bank with you. Charging will therefore not go well. It is also important to always use the original cables of devices when charging. If you use a cheap cable, something can break down and even cause a fire.


Always accessible with the Battery Pack as you can charge immediately with a low battery percentage.
The Battery Pack has a very large battery and can often fully charge your smartphone 6 to 10 times. So you can do it for a long time without having to worry about recharging!