The  Mediterranean Chaparral is an area that surrounds the Mediterranean sea. It is composed of shrublands and woodlands.Mostly the plants are leafy and around 8 ft tall.It is key that the plants stay resistant to drought to survive the uncontrollable weather. The geography of this territory begins at the seashore then go to the rolling farmlands.The climate in this region is unusual unique with wet winter seasons.Most of the plants do pretty well in European areas cannot survive this Mediterranean biome. Because they can not survive dry seasons and unfortunately this biome have summer droughts. Which is not good for the plants because they need warm and moist humid weather.Temperatures can affect growing seasons.The Mediterranean Chaparral is the home of many animals some of the animals are horses, sheep, rabbits, and many types of eagles. The vegetation in this biome is just basically shrubs and low growing plants.Sages and Evergreen are the main vegetation. The vegetation should be drought resistant in order for the plants to survive. One big really dangerous thing with vegetation is that they have an aromatic plant which some smell very good but it is so dangerous because it could cause a forest fire which is a big deal it can wipe out an everything all the animals could possible die all the plants will not survive and the biome wouldn’t be the same. We do not want that to happen because then it could cause a bigger situation with either to humans or more wildlife so would want to be careful with those plants they are very flammable.Animals have adapted to these biomes pretty well they eat on the scrubby bushes and they, of course, have adapted to the water.Humans have actually adapted to this biome pretty well as well there make the most out of all the vegetation.  Peoples also have benefited from growing culinary herbs and such things like oranges.The Chaparral is different than all the other biomes they have different types of plants and animals and also some strange types of weather.


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