The and easily influences individuals to get dragged

experiences, in which one may consider to be a defining moment in their life,
are often related to occasions where one achieves tremendous success. However,
there are circumstances where one is shaped significantly through the
challenges, struggles, and the failures he or she may face along the way. These
experiences can hold great accountability in regards to the character of the
individual and their overall mindset towards his or her life. In the reading, The Option for the Poor Arises from Faith
by Gustavo Gutierrez, it depicts how individuals in poverty can overcome their difficult
circumstances and develop their moral character while demonstrating its
relation towards what does it mean to be

times of desperation, it is often difficult for some individuals in poverty to
see the positives within their situation. These circumstances can cause
negative effects towards his or her mentality thus letting the pain and suffering
drive them to act selfishly. To further elaborate, they yearn for others to
feel their pain so they begin to spread negativity without remorse. With this
type of mentality and action, they are demonstrating that suffering is like a
virus that is infecting and spreading from one person to another. Granted,
hardships can seem like a plague that lasts forever and easily influences
individuals to get dragged into the undertow of resentment but Gutierrez’s
reflections raise some interesting viewpoints towards indicating that suffering
and overcoming challenges are key aspects of what it means to be human. They
are vital features that influences the foundation of a human’s character and
leads to the understanding that there is meaning and strength within the struggles
that they experience in order to obtain a better outcome in life.

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all of the hardships that these individuals face towards, “taking control of
the reins of their lives”, as stated on page 117, it influences their mindset
to spread positivity amongst themselves and the individuals around them. For
example, those in poverty fall victim to the negativity and inhumane stigma of being
viewed as less then others because they are of a different social class. However,
instead of reacting to this in a negative manner, he or she comes to the
realization that they are not defined by the judgmental outside factors but instead
they are defined by that particular drive and motivation that comes from within.

For example, on page 118 it is stated that “the path the poor must take to
identify with the least of society will be different from that of people
belonging to other social strata, but it is a necessary and important step
towards becoming subjects of their own destiny.” This statement supports the
fact that at the end of the day, everyone is a human being despite his or her
social class or particular situation that one may be experiencing. Everyone,
including people in poverty, is entitled to fight for a better future even if
it does go against the societal normality. Individuals in poverty are also
defined by a quiet confidence and burning passion to be the best that they can
be, and develop trust and faith that God always has a plan in the midst of the
storm. As stated on page 115, “God’s gift is not an easy hope. But as fragile
as it may seem, it is capable of planting roots in the world of insignificance,
in the world of the poor, and of breaking out and remaining creative and alive
even in the midst of difficult situations.” This signifies that those in
poverty must begin to realize that challenges are not roadblocks but instead
opportunities that test oneself to see if they are still growing in the
direction that they want to be moving or if he or she has decided to stop
growing all together.

even though hardships are agonizing at times, Gutierrez demonstrates how
individuals in poverty transform their pain into growth. Their attitude and
perspective in life stems from the approach in which he or she chooses to deal
with their circumstances. By recognizing the positive aspects of their
struggles, Gutierrez points out how the search for positivity can guide he or
she to become a stronger individual and a capable representative of change.

They become the path towards better thus leaving the bitter behind.